PDC:Your Best Platform To Develop Chinese Design Market

During the Canton Fair,PDC sets up professional design show booth at the Pearl Promenade,the only main corridor connecting area A,B and C inside

the Canton Fair complex,for design companies to show their products,innovation and concepts at short range to Chinese enterprises and globalbuyers.

Product Categories of Design Show:
Phase I:(April 15th-19th/ Oct 15th-19th)
Electronic products,Household Electrical Appliances,Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment,Building Materials and Lighting Equipment, Machinery,vehicles

and spare parts.
Phase II:(April 23rd-27th/Oct 23rd - 27th)
Consumer goods,gifts and premiums,home decorations,furniture,toys
Ceramics, clocks,watches & optical instruments,personal care products.
Phase III:( May 1st-5th/oct 31st - nov 4th)
Textile & garments,shoes, Stationary & office supplies, cases and bags,
Medicines,Medical Devices and Health Products,Food.


Product design,Branding,Marketing,Commercial Space Design and Trends Forecasting companies/organizations related with the above Products.

Booth Size & Price:
Raw Space:4.5M*2M/3M*3M=9 Sqm,RMB27000/Phase
Raw Space:8M*5M=40 Sqm,RMB120000/Phase

Ms.Easy Chen



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