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Fashion show

A whole new promotion and trading, platform for the clothes, bags, shoes and jewelry

manufacturers and buyers. 

Combination of dynamic and static show together. 

Gathers the best talents and latest fashion resources all around the world and present them directly to buyers.

Promoting the communication and cooperation in the industries.

Up to 119th Session of Canton Fair, 36 fashion shows have been held, involving 41 brands, 24 designers, 8,000 participants from exhibitors and buyers. Together, they interact with and purchase from the brands and designers of the PDC Fashion Show.

Time: Phase 3 of Canton Fair (May 1st-5th/Oct. 31st -Nov. 4th)


1.PDC Design Gallery, Area A of Canton Fair Complex

2. Hall 7.1 of Canton Fair Complex

3.The Westin Pazhou

Participants: Designers, Brands, and Buyers for apparels,bags & suitcases, footwear, jewelry, etc.



PDC Fashion Show promotional video


Data List (up to 123rd Canton Fair )

Fashion Brands134     

 Fashion Designers104 


Runway Shows76 


 Live Video66.8万

Fashion show



- Maximum brand exposure will be guaranteed by PDC wechat, website and partners media.

- Cooperation with International Communication

Department of Canton Fair, the Westin Pazhou and clothing trading markets to held promotion

campaigns among buyers.

During the fair

- Simultaneous broadcast by mobile livestreaming on LED screen in the Canton Fair Complex.

- Flyers distribution at the Buyers Registration and main entrance of Canton Fair Complex.

- Immediate reports right after the show.


Follow-up reports on successful business matching.

Buyers Invitation

- Various effective approaches applied by International Communication Department.

- Premium guests invitation by the Westin Pazhou

- Invitations befor the show begin in Canton Fair Complex.


Fashion show


PDC provides

- Full Screen LED Stage

- Planning and Executions

- Preofessional Models & Directors

- Bilingual Hosts

- Promotion Brochures

- Live Video



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