Design makes products reflect value

For product design and brand design, each design company will have different cognition and design methods. Today we invited the design director of Design2gather, a Dutch design company, to share with us the value of design in products.

More and more companies are discovering the influence of excellent design, and we provide enterprises with overall innovative design services ---- to enhance the added value of products. Our main service customers are medium and large enterprises, and we work seamlessly with our guests: we are responsible for providing feasible product innovation solutions. They are responsible for product production, and the two work together to ultimately enable consumers to use good products that are satisfactory. When the enterprise has a bottleneck in the development process, customers will find us and sit down to talk about problems and discuss solutions, which can not only ensure the substantiality of the design but also consider the forward-looking of product design.

Our designers come from different countries, have rich production experience and continuous design inspiration, and can put forward different ideas for different markets to meet the needs and usage of different customers. Simply put, design services are nothing more than people and things. Designers are people. To think of ideas, consumers' ideas and ideas are fully embedded in the process of product innovation. Things are production enterprises, with production tools to achieve this idea. Designing is a rigorous process and is indispensable. When the finished product comes out, the designer should go to the production line to check it. The design and product are not allowed to be out of stock. The designer checks the material and workmanship of the product, so that the product is best produced. The designed products are very particular, and our designs are useful to provide consumers with convenience and improve life, so that the products reflect the quality of life.

This product is to ensure the safety of children's lives. Extend the faucet --- shorten the distance of the faucet when children wash their hands, and can also warn of excessive water temperature.

According to the light sensitivity of different objects, it presents different colors, which increases children's entertainment and enlightenment, helps them recognize colors, and adds fun to life.

This is to reduce the barriers to life for people with disabilities and reduce the chance of crutches falling off the ground.

Clothing design, we have designed many high-selling clothing for German clothing brands.

Packaging design--attract customers' attention

Brand design-enhance brand charm