Interpretation of design by PDC young crop designer

Since its launch, the PDC Green Seedling Program has received support from PDC workstations, design associations and design schools in various regions. Designers participating in the PDC Green Seedling Program have used the Canton Fair to enhance brand image and product exposure. Wang Wei, the founder of Muxin Design, participated in the design demonstration of the PDC Young Seed Program of the 117th Canton Fair. The designed products take traditional culture as the research direction, including literati furniture design and space design.

Mr. Wang talked about Chinese traditional culture, looking for cultural value from literary research and historical literature. He believes that the most important thing for a product is product culture, followed by its use function, and finally its appearance. Design is actually a part of culture. To make a certain product, you should understand the local regional culture, just like the food culture in Guangzhou, the tourism culture in Hangzhou, and the garden culture in Suzhou. Our designer is actually the role of an ancient literati. Song Huizong was a painter, calligrapher and designer. When his work was perfectly combined with the craftsman's handwork, he formed a piece of exquisite work handed down to the present; Only by combining ideas and ideas with the workmanship of the workers can a product be made.

Muxin Design cooperates with Hangzhou Chengxiangtang Industrial Co., Ltd. to jointly develop traditional cultural products. President Wang appreciates Chengxiangtang's understanding of culture. This is a combination of culture and design, with culture as the leading factor, and design to enhance the image of the product. Mr. Wang holds different views on the form of most designers taking users as research objects. He said that culture is the soul of products, and design is a part of culture. Of course, products must also follow market rules, but they are better than those on the market. The products are more perfect and guide the market. When talking about the future development, he said that he would find the best meeting point among the three of culture, market and self, and face customers in the most authentic state. Hope to cooperate with companies with similar cultural values designed by Muxin to maximize the cultural value of the products.

The PDC Young Seedling Program provides a free and efficient display and development platform for young designers and college design students, which lays a good foundation for the reserve strength of reserve designers.