Canton Fair Original Design Fashion Show-Showcasing the Stage of Innovation to the World



'I participated in a Canton Fair ten years ago, and come back ten years later, the changes of the Canton Fair are far beyond my imagination! Here I see that China is no longer a follower of the past, I have seen many novel things '' Khaled Sheir, an Egyptian buyer who participated in the 120th Canton Fair, said so.

While helping the innovation of exhibiting companies, the Canton Fair has continuously developed itself and enriched the mode of organizing exhibitions. Since the 118th Canton Fair, the Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Center (PDC) has created the Canton Fair Original Design Fashion Show (referred to as the Fashion Show), which is designed for the third phase of apparel, luggage, leather goods, shoes and hats and other exhibitors and procurement The manufacturer creates a comprehensive display and trading platform to achieve one-stop procurement. PDC also introduces design resources, vigorously promotes the cooperation between designers and fashion show companies, and drives product innovation and brand upgrading.

Inject life into the product and display it fully and flexibly

The statically displayed clothing cannot have the brilliance that is worn on the model, and the fashion show injects vitality into the clothing. Dynamic music, high-profile models, fashion shows have become a weapon to attract buyers' attention. As of this Canton Fair, the fashion show attracted a total of 41 brands and 24 designers to participate in the catwalk. Each year, thousands of buyers visited the show to interact with the catwalk companies and place orders.

Accurately invite professional buyers to increase the probability of closing deals

The fashion show integrates various effective ways to invite international buyers and high-end customers to come and watch the show, and at the same time, it sends out targeted invitations at the buyer's registration point in the exhibition hall, VIP buyer's club, information desk, etc. to achieve precise buyer invitation. The fashion show has successfully cultivated a group of loyal buyers. The current fashion show has received the registration of the previous watch show buyers in advance.

Introduce design resources to promote independent brand building

PDC has always adhered to the tenet of 'Design helps enterprises transform and upgrade', recommend matching designers for enterprises, and help enterprises improve their design level. PDC has successfully promoted the cooperation between garment designers Qu Tingnan, Han Jianfei, Fang Huijuan, Meng Ye, etc. in China's top ten, Guangdong top ten and other fashion designers, and the products developed have been well received by the market.

In addition to the innovation of the display mode, the PDC of this Canton Fair also cooperated with 'Star Cafe Special Purchase', using Internet thinking and combining star cafe resources to create a high-end e-commerce platform integrating product design, incubation and sales channels for the majority of exhibitors. On the evening of November 2nd, PDC will jointly organize a fashion show night at the Westin Hotel in Canton Fair in conjunction with 'Star Cafe Special Purchase' to help the innovative development of Canton Fair exhibitors.