Leader of Foreign Trade Center investigates PDC design display area

On the morning of October 24, Li Jinqi, deputy director and secretary general of the Canton Fair and director of the China Foreign Trade Center, Ma Chunzhi, deputy secretary general of the Canton Fair and secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the China Foreign Trade Center, investigated the design display area of the Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Center (PDC).


The PDC was officially launched at the 109th Canton Fair, aiming to build a product design and development cooperation docking platform for professional design institutions and exhibitors, and play a guiding role for the Canton Fair in transforming and upgrading China's foreign trade. So far, the PDC has been successfully running for 12 sessions, attracting 834 design companies from 19 countries and regions to participate, with a total design area of 12325 square meters and a total of 421 theme activities, effectively promoting the organic trade of goods and services. Integration has promoted the transformation and upgrading of China's foreign trade and the growth of local design forces, and achieved good economic and social benefits.

Li Jinqi affirmed the concepts of design innovation, brand operation, green environmental protection and talent training of PDC exhibitors and design institutions. He pointed out that in the future, PDC will continue to focus on improving the service connotation of the Canton Fair, further strengthen service construction such as brand incubation and new sales channels, assist production companies to take the pulse market, provide comprehensive overall solutions for exhibitors, and provide enterprises with a competitive advantage More diverse power.

Text: Wang Lingxi, reporter, Canton Fair Newsletter

Picture: Guo Xiaohong