No life without design | Design philosophy from the UK

'True good design comes from life, higher than life, and eventually return to life.' This is a design concept that has been advocated by the British international original brand CREDAYS DESIGN. In the second phase of this Canton Fair, CREDAYS DESIGN launched a new product with the theme of 'intentionally 'smart making' life aesthetics' at the PDC Design Innovation Forum, demonstrating innovative, professional, efficient and international brand strength, vividly interpreting The important concept of 'no design, no life' has also made explorations in the industry's innovative model and future development direction, triggering discussions on the two eternal propositions of design and life.

In this new product release, several new products launched by CREDAYS DESIGN have a common feature: they not only focus on the harmony and unity of pragmatism and design aesthetics, but also have a strong environmental sustainability awareness, showing humanistic care beyond design.

Multifunctional soap dispenser --- a simple but not simple hand washing experience

无设计不生活 | 来自英国的设计哲学 

1. Adopt the user-friendly design of instant wash, which can adjust the amount of soap liquid freely.

2. After precise scientific calculations, the size is moderate and can be held in one hand.

3. Comfortable rubbing, with massage function, more effective cleaning, deodorization and sterilization.

4. Streamlined fashion appearance, visible smooth and light.

5. Powerful functionality and life aesthetics are combined into one, making hand-washing fun.

Fashionable portable sticky hair device-exclusive design patent, cleaning has never been so worry-free

无设计不生活 | 来自英国的设计哲学 

1. Original push-type design, light and flexible, see care from details.

2. Just a light press, the reel pops up, high-quality tearable sticky paper, designed for cleaning clothing, easy to tear and easy to use;

3. With a light press, the reel retracts, which greatly saves storage space.

4. Creative appearance with both portability and fashion sense, simple atmosphere, come up with new ideas and attitudes.

CREDAYS DESIGN adheres to the basic tenet of 'letting design come to life', advocating the beauty of design, the beauty of things, and the beauty of humanity to achieve the aesthetics of life, so that everyone can experience the joy of design.


CREDAYS DESIGN is a British company focused on design services, including graphic creativity, corporate VI, product packaging, LOGO design, etc., with the design purpose of 'being a temperature-oriented international design brand', emphasizing the visual charm and commercial use of brands and products The combination of value, the pursuit of innovative and effective design concepts and visual presentation. It aims to create corporate value and achieve sustainable development by upgrading product creativity and brand image.

Note: The above views only represent the speakers themselves, not the stand.