PDC joins hands with the Spanish consulate to accurately link the resources of the two countries

From June 21 to 23, the PDC promotion team visited Bilbao and Barcelona, Spain, visited the local government, institutions / associations, design companies, conference centers, etc., and held exchange promotion meetings respectively, and achieved good results. The parties are willing to cooperate. On July 10th, the International Liaison Department of the Canton Fair and PDC staff visited the Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Consulate General in Guangzhou. Mr. Carlos Tortola, the Economic and Commercial Consul, and Ms. Su Qini, Senior Commercial Commissioner, further promoted Canton Fair production enterprises, Spanish buyers and Spanish design There was in-depth communication between the three parties on the efficient and accurate docking.

In October 2013, the Spanish Design Center established the 'China-Spain Design Center' based on PDC. As of July this year, 15 design companies from Spain have participated in PDC design exhibitions and theme activities 35 times, and established a stable cooperative relationship with Canton Fair exhibitors.

At the exchange meeting, PDC staff said that the Spanish apparel industry has developed rapidly and gradually formed a Spanish style fashion trend. With the assistance of the Spanish consulate, the Spanish buyers and excellent designer resources were introduced to fit the theme of the original design fashion show of the Canton Fair and create a 'Fashion Spain' event.

Carlos Tortola said that the Canton Fair has gathered multiple resources. The two parties should discuss effective forms of activities to help the Canton Fair production enterprises, Spanish buyers and Spanish design parties to achieve more efficient and accurate docking. At the same time, it is necessary to understand the information about the proportion of purchasers in different countries, the types of purchases and the design needs of the production companies, so that the Spanish consulate can more accurately carry out the invitation of buyers and designer resources.

The two parties reached consensus on the precise matching activities between the Canton Fair production enterprises, Spanish buyers and Spanish design parties, and plan to land the 'Fashion Spain' project and related matching activities during the 123rd Canton Fair in April 2018.