Visit to the first PDC design exhibition area of the 122nd Canton Fair

Extra! Extra!

The 122nd Canton Fair will open tomorrow, and about 200,000 foreign merchants from more than 210 countries on five continents will come to China one after another. The new achievements of a 'Chinese smart manufacturing' will appear one by one on this world-famous international platform. Even more eye-catching is the beautiful scenery line where design companies gather on the Pearl River Promenade. The editor has already been unable to suppress curiosity and ventured into the exhibition hall to feast his eyes. Then I will make a bold 'spoiler'.

The first thing that catches your eyes is a European-style design area. It feels like Napoleon discovered the New World. This exhibition area has well-known design companies from Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and France.

Italian Design: Maybe you ca n’t read Dante ’s Divine Comedy and Paganini ’s famous music, but if you read life carefully, you will find that Italian design elements have extended to our basic life with the pace of globalization So that we can live out the fun. This year we welcome the new Italian design company EMO. The team members have rich experience and professional level in the field of industrial design. Through development and design, we transform customer needs, concepts and values into various products. The main service industries include: sanitary ware, tableware supplies and electronic and electrical products. Other old Italian friends include Segno Inverso, AMV and D2P.

Dutch Design: This year's PDC Dutch friends CQ Design, Design2Gather, Orange Creatives and others once again met on the Pearl River Promenade to spread authentic Dutch design. Services mainly involve commercial product design, brand planning, strategic consulting and online design platforms. In the five-day PDC design area, Dutch designers will provide professional industry trend analysis and answers to major famous enterprises and buyers by means of design display, design docking and design services.

British Design: When I think of the British style design of fashion creativity, the editor has to introduce Creadys Design Co., Ltd., which has strong creativity in the design industry chain, by providing product planning, creative design, research and development, brand marketing and intellectual property operation Services such as luggage products, kitchen supplies, household products, sports equipment, cultural and creative products and other industry manufacturers to achieve product optimization and upgrading.

French design: When you mention France, you will definitely think of the Paris Tower in the first time; but in the PDC design exhibition area of the Canton Fair, when you mention France, the editor first thinks of the Michelle Millot design studio. PDC design services are highly recognized. The company mainly brings multi-dimensional, cross-domain design concepts and guidance to enterprises in the household appliances, electronics, and transportation industries. And what unique design results will be launched in this year's Miro Design, the PDC design display will be announced for you tomorrow.

When I was flying myself to enjoy the beautiful design exhibition area, a booth with a South Asian style suddenly appeared at the corner. It turned out to be a familiar face of our PDC --- FUTURE FACTORY LLP of India appeared again at this Canton Fair. Their design inherits the unique beliefs of South Asia. With innovative thinking and concepts and nearly 20 years of professional industrial design strength, they provide customers with new product design services. If you want to see the skills of the Indian brothers, hurry up to the PDC design exhibition area tomorrow.

After enjoying the European design style, the editor will take you to see the generous Asian design --- the Republic of Korea's style design pavilion, 12 outstanding design companies stand on the Pearl River promenade in the A and B districts with unique heroism. The editor is also obsessed with the talented Korean design Oba. In the next five consecutive days of the exhibition, they will win the hearts of enterprises with professional and unique design services. The services they provide mainly include: household appliances, consumer electronics, and sanitary ware. , Medical equipment and other industrial design, industry design trend analysis, and one-stop solutions for integrating new environments, products, multimedia and many other design fields in new technologies, new channels, and new media.

On the stage of PDC design display, while foreign design companies showed their martial arts in 18 different ways, Chinese design power was not inferior either. Excellent design companies from all over the country gathered in the PDC design area to allow guests from all over the world to appreciate the rising Chinese design. Majestic. The first phase of PDC design shows that the representatives of Greater China include Hangzhou Concave, Foshan Hongyi, Qianlong, Dachuang, Guangzhou Weibo, Shenzhen Rococo, Shanghai Panwen, Cube Industrial Design, Shenzhen Matrix, etc. The editor will do it for Jun Partial exposure.

Cube Industrial Design Co., Ltd .: A design service organization with innovative thinking, including design research, product design, interaction design, structural engineering, brand planning, UI (interface) design, animation and video design. In the past three years, it has won nearly 30 well-known design awards, including German Red Dot, German IF, American IDEA, Japanese GMARK, Taiwan Golden Dot, Korean GD Award, Red Star Award, China Excellent Industrial Design Award and many other awards.

Foshan Hongyi Design Co., Ltd .: a leading enterprise in the design industry of Shunde. Founded in Shunde, Guangdong in 2005, it is one of the most powerful professional design institutions in China. It is the only company in Shunde that wins two German Red-dot and IF International Top Design Awards. the company. Hongyi has 2 national-level Guangdong Industrial Design City design masters, top ten elite designers in Shunde and nearly 30 professional design teams. It provides product strategy research, product creative design and innovative technology for many outstanding enterprises and famous brands at home and abroad. One-stop comprehensive innovation services such as research and development.

It was time for the 'spoiler'. While the uncle of the exhibition hall was taking a nap, the editor started off. The following will share with you the list of the first phase of the PDC design company in this session. Those who want to see the style of the design company, welcome to the PDC design exhibition area of the Canton Fair.

The following is a preview of the PDC design display company participating in the 122nd Canton Fair

Pearl River Promenade, Area A, Canton Fair Complex

1AP11-12 Foshan Shunde Hongyi Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

1AP13 Guangdong Shunde Qianlong Industrial Design Co., Ltd.


1AP15 Korea RND +

1AP21 Guangdong Shunde Heyi Design Consulting Co., Ltd.

1AP22 Zhejiang Xianhe Information Technology Co., Ltd.

1AP23 Korea JEI Design Works

1AP24 Foshan Square Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

1AP25 Lanyin Design Agency

1AP26 Hangzhou Spark Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

1AP28 Suzhou Xuanang Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

1AP29 Hangzhou Guanqun Design Co., Ltd.

1AP30 Guangzhou Weibo Product Design Co., Ltd.

1AP31 Segno Inverso, Italy

1AP32 Guangdong Topstar Technology Co., Ltd.

1AP33 Shanghai Unicorn Business Consulting Co., Ltd.

1AP34-35 Korea Gusi Industrial Design

1AP36-37 basic life

1AP38 Netherlands D2G

1AP39 Ningbo Daye Product Plastic Art Design Co., Ltd.

1AP40 Hong Kong Altplus Design

1AP409-410 French Miro Design Company

1AP41 Taiwan pulse extension design

1AP42 Korea NS


1AP44-45 Italy AMV

1AP46 Korean I2M design

1AP47 Korean 250 design

1AP48 Guangzhou Orange Creative Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

1AP49 Zhejiang Convex Culture Development Co., Ltd.

1AP50 Dutch CQ design

1AP51 Korean 2PLUS design

1AP52 Korea ATTO design

1AP53-54 Star Coffee Special Purchase (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Pearl River Promenade, Area B, Canton Fair Complex

1BP91-93 Italian D2P design

1BP101 South Korea 212COMPANY


1BP103 Hangzhou Feiyu Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

1BP104-105 Guangzhou Miroku Interior Design Co., Ltd.

1BP106 Shenzhen Rongyi Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

1BP107 Shenzhen Yax Design

1BP108-109 British CREADYS Design Co., Ltd.

1BP110 Foshan Weisi Creative Product Planning Co., Ltd.

1BP111 Foshan Funtu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

1BP112 Shenzhen Matrix Industrial Product Design Co., Ltd.

1BP113 Zhejiang Xianhe Information Technology Co., Ltd.


1BP116 Italian EMO design

1BP117 Deteng Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

Canton Fair Complex Area C

1CP151-152 Guangzhou Neten Product Design Co., Ltd.

1CP153-154 Sihui Yixing Jewelry Co., Ltd. Design Branch

1CP155 Ningbo Chuangjia Industrial Design Co., Ltd.