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Future Factory is a leader in industrial design in India. For more than 20 years, it has been focusing on the development and transformation of innovative thinking, the design and transformation of new concepts and ideas, the brand planning and the achievement of design achievements, and the improvement of the value of models and products to increase the market income.

Mr. Suraj Mali, an engineer from Future Factory's Indian studio, has developed a number of projects over the past 13 years, successfully landing and successfully entering the market. Through case sharing, in his design career, he has been observing all aspects of Indian society from a professional design perspective. Discover new elements from daily consumption, living environment, retail stores to Bazaar City and transportation and communication to inspire creative inspiration. Every new design blooms and comes from the team's 'brainstorm'. Love design and enjoy design is the common mission of the future factory team.

印度设计公司 | 优胜的设计与创新

Mr. Kenny Hong is a designer of Future Factory Singapore studio. He has studied industrial design in Italy, Wales and Singapore, and has absorbed the essence of European design. He can provide various international concepts and reference elements in design, design concept-data analysis-processing integration-reasonable development-improve optimization, control the development quality from the entire process, and enhance the company's design service level. By displaying the company's home appliance product design cases, analyzing the design needs and characteristics of the international market, introducing Future Factory's unique design services to help companies enhance their competitiveness and increase product added value.

印度设计公司 | 优胜的设计与创新

According to the latest research report, in today's rapidly changing and complex business environment, innovation is the single most important essence. However, innovation is full of risks but can reflect value. Therefore, it is necessary to travel between technology, design and the market with arms, and take risks to achieve innovation. In order to gain a foothold in this open new world, Future Factory focuses on the development of such special functions, through bold imagination of breakthrough breakthroughs, and perfect presentation through product release and experience.