Fun outdoors, at ease

Speaking of the standard in outdoor products-backpack, it can almost be said to be one man. Just like a cup and saucer, although it is an indispensable object in daily life, it does not pay too much attention to it. However, since the anti-theft backpack has become an online celebrity product, the infinite possibilities of the backpack have been discovered. In addition to anti-theft, it can be subdivided into seven or eight types of storage bags, or it can be a mobile portable audio. As designers continue to explore more highlights of backpacks, a product called 'Backpack Umbrella' is quietly born.


On the afternoon of the 25th, Foshan Funtu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. made its debut at the brand promotion activities of the PDC Forum with the 'backpack umbrella' independently developed and designed. The general manager of the company, Zhu Wuhua, detailed the characteristics of the 'backpack umbrella' during the speech: this new backpack umbrella perfectly combines the umbrella bag function, frees both hands, and can also prevent 99% UV, and can effectively reduce in high temperature 8 ℃. The shoulder strap is embedded with smart buttons, and one button can realize smart functions such as Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth headsets, making outdoor fun more.


At the same time, President Zhu also analyzed the current status and consumption habits of the Chinese outdoor equipment market for the audience present. Through the survey, it is found that the first-tier cities are still the gathering place for the main force of outdoor travel consumption, and the young and middle-aged men are the main consumers. As people's lifestyles and thinking change, it is expected that in the next two to three years, the demand market for outdoor products will likely change in a blowout fashion. This is undoubtedly good news for companies preparing to enter the outdoor equipment and supplies market.

趣户外,途自在 趣户外,途自在

After the meeting, the participating merchants expressed their strong interest in the design highlights of the combination of Funtour Umbrella Bag. Design advantages to explore a broader market.