Dutch brand consultant team | Why companies need brands

Mr. Jorg van den Hoven (South American Dragon), the founder / CEO of Holland Orange Creative Brand Management Co., Ltd., shared the 'Why Enterprises Need Brands' at the PDC Design Forum and discussed the collision and integration of 'brands + products + e-commerce' from different perspectives , And share the redefinition, new discoveries, and new experiences of realizing the internationalization of Chinese brands by combining cases Questions and answers were actively discussed with representatives of businessmen and conventions, and they discussed international design together.

荷兰品牌顾问团队 | 企业为何需要品牌

Jorg first shared the brand design case from the Total Identity team of the Amsterdam headquarters in the Netherlands. It showed the diversity of international brands from different visual presentations and color effects, including one of the most appreciated items by the audience: the Van Gogh Museum brand in the Netherlands. Image design project.

Sharing content 1: About the brand

Jorg explored the difference between 'brand' and 'marketing', the brand creation model of 'Eastern Insight, Western Approach'. The most important thing is to answer why the brand exists and find the brand's origin, namely: the brand's 'core + soul'.

Shared content 2: About 'brand + product'

Jorg interpreted the five key modules that build the core of the brand, and emphasized that these five core brand elements must be balanced with each other in order to continue to make progressive innovations for the brand.

Sharing content 3: About 'e-commerce'

-Share the development trend of independent brand e-commerce in recent years with data;

-Analysis and views of 'traditional e-commerce' and 'brand e-commerce';

-B2E (Branded E-commerce) brand e-commerce model;

-Introduction to the Gateway to Europe European Gateway Program.

The Dutch Orange brand will jointly build a self-service brand with Chinese companies and follow a global branding strategy. The brand service model includes the following four steps and content:

荷兰品牌顾问团队 | 企业为何需要品牌

荷兰品牌顾问团队 | 企业为何需要品牌

荷兰品牌顾问团队 | 企业为何需要品牌

Orange Branding, a brand team of Orange in the Netherlands, has always believed that 'Chinese brands will dominate the world' and looks forward to discussing 'helping Chinese brands and take the world strategy' with more companies to make more Chinese brands global.