Visual Feast-Original Design Fashion Show of the 122nd Canton Fair

The third phase of the 122nd Canton Fair is about to begin. If there is anything you ca n’t miss in this issue, it must be the original design fashion show of the Canton Fair (hereinafter referred to as PDC Fashion Show). After the previous Chaozhou wedding dresses, Changshu apparel and Xindadi apparel were widely praised on the show, this PDC fashion show has organized more than ten excellent companies to show original designs to exhibitors through fashion catwalks. Last great visual feast.

视觉盛宴 ——第122届广交会原创设计时尚秀  

Highlight 1: Multi-form display to achieve 'Buy while watching'

The International Liaison Department of the Canton Fair, the Westin Hotel of the Canton Fair and social media at home and abroad, etc. made precise invitations to the international buyers of the Canton Fair. This year's catwalk will be realized through multiple channels such as live broadcast, TV, newspapers, WeChat, and websites, and a transaction module will be set up on the live broadcast platform to achieve 'watch while buying', allowing exhibitors to participate in and purchase from multiple angles. Italian products.

Highlight 2: Innovative T-station design, comprehensive upgrade of audio-visual effects

This year's PDC fashion show has a new design for the T stage, and has comprehensively upgraded the stage, space, sound effects and lighting. The L-shaped stage enhances the visual effect of the show, and also provides a broader display space for the model catwalk Customers fully understand the characteristics of catwalk products and experience the best scene.

Highlight 3: Borrow big data technology to achieve precise marketing

For the first time, it has teamed up with a well-known domestic information platform, borrowing advanced technologies such as a large database, leading search and LBS positioning, to target the target customer group of PDC fashion show, and effectively achieve accurate content delivery, so that the products of catwalk companies reach the purchasing terminal and help them absorb more Follow and purchase orders.