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The 123rd Canton Fair PDC will be guided by the spirit of the 19th National Congress, continue to adhere to the development concept of 'innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing', promote the organic integration of commodity trade and service trade, and further strengthen the development of product design and industrial docking To serve China's foreign trade.

1. The design exhibition area is brilliant, with the first selection of 'PDC Star Design Company' for selection, and strong brands and new powers will shine.

There are 102 outstanding design companies / organizations from 12 countries / regions including the United States, Germany, France, Greece, Netherlands, Italy, South Korea, Singapore, Sweden, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and Mainland China in the design exhibition activities of the 123rd Canton Fair , 4 young crop designers, 24 clothing design brands participated in the design display, 217 booths, with an exhibition area of 1953 square meters (as of April 2).

The design company / institution will provide high-level design services to exhibitors of the Canton Fair and bring cutting-edge creative design and information. In addition, PDC first set up a brand selection activity in the design exhibition area, and 10 powerful design companies were selected. It continued to shine at the Canton Fair and served the vast number of production enterprises with rich experience.

Second, join hands with new retail brand channels to lead the terminal and provide a variety of docking resources for industrial clusters.

Introduce high-quality new retail partners such as Nomi Household and Guangzhou Shude Life Pavilion, and connect with designers and production enterprises through seminars, design nights and other activities to provide a platform for the industrial cluster to effectively integrate two markets and multiple channel resources.

3. The apparel industry bases are all on the stage. The original design fashion show takes you easily to achieve 'one-stop' procurement.

Apparel industrial bases from Chaozhou, Shishi, Changshu, etc. gathered at the Canton Fair original design fashion show stage, and fully displayed original design brand products such as wedding dresses, casual wear, home wear, and swimwear to domestic and foreign buyers through various catwalks.