To seize the tens of billions of commercial blue oceans, the new species NOM home special promotion meeting is held hot

On the afternoon of April 24th, Nome Furnishings held 'How to seize the new middle-class blue ocean market to build a tens of billions of unicorn enterprises? --- NOME Furnishing Special Promotion Conference' at the PDC Design Gallery venue of the Canton Fair Complex. Business friends, I hope to understand NOME and work together to start a new journey of cohesion.

At the promotion meeting, the audience was very concerned about the business innovation model of Nome's home brand. Chen Jiewen, Director of Product R & D Center of Guangzhou Nomi Brand Management Co., Ltd., shared the powerful platform strength and grand development blueprint of Nome.

Design as the first value driver


Mr. Chen said that the Nome model can be summarized as Swedish design + Chinese supply chain + lifestyle brand. The product emphasizes the ultimate cost performance and design sense. It is the first home brand to set up a design center in Sweden. NOME has created works with design inspiration and practical functions through independent Nordic designers, changing the daily life of the public, and looking for the most suitable manufacturer on a global scale.

Create a new retail brand under the structure of consumption upgrade


President Chen said that this is a rapidly changing information age, and user needs are constantly changing. With the general trend of consumption upgrade, President Chen proposed that the Nome brand should have a deep insight into consumer life scenarios and needs. Consumer demand has begun to change from imitation-type wolves consumption to diversified consumption. Whether it is rigid demand, non-rigid demand, or basic life and quality life, the entire consumer body increasingly pays attention to the pursuit of quality life.

The high-value Scandinavian design style, the ultimate price-performance ratio, the rich product structure, and the high-quality and high-impact shopping experience make more younger generations and users with more needs for life love NOM. This is also the advantage that suppliers quickly seize the home blue ocean market.

Enduring win-win and accumulate core strategic partners


In Mr. Chen's view, the genes of NOME's new retail are the integration of product channels, the more popular channel brand style, the wider audience, and the higher frequency of consumption. In the future, Nome will deepen and expand this model, combining designers with independent design, accumulating core suppliers and strategic suppliers.


Chinese consumers have experienced a step-by-step evolution of the brand insensitivity era, the brand era, the quality manufacturing era, and the design era. NOME is working hard to explore a new way of life and looks forward to creating a better life for users with more exhibitors.