DESIGN YOUR ID——Global Collection of PDC Certificate Design in Canton Fair

DESIGN YOUR ID——广交会PDC证件设计全球征集

Since its establishment in 2011, PDC has adhered to the drive of innovation and aims to provide efficient docking services for the close cooperation between 'World Design' and 'Made in China'. Over the past eight years, more than 3,000 domestic and foreign designers have visited the PDC site of the Canton Fair. In order to fully display the style and style of the designer and polish the designer ’s identity card, we now openly solicit the PDC design exhibition area of the Canton Fair from units and individuals with rich design experience. Designer's certificate design is welcome to participate actively and contribute actively.

1. Solicitation requirements

(1) Introduction of existing PDC documents

DESIGN YOUR ID——广交会PDC证件设计全球征集

The size of the certificate is 9 * 12.8cm, and the front is uniformly stipulated by the conference, and no changes are allowed. The current solicitation requirement is the back design of the document. The existing ID map is as follows:

(2) Design requirements

1. The prescribed size of the layout is 9 * 12.8cm, the form is not limited, the design language is international, the versatility is strong, the recognition is high, and it is rich in visual impact;

2. The design draft should be accompanied by a text description of the drawing, and provide standard colors and special fonts;

3. The resolution of the electronic draft of the work is not less than 300dpi, JPG or TIF format.

2. Collection time

(1) Submission of works: July 16th to August 17th, 2018;

(2) Work review: August 20-30, 2018;

(3) Time of announcement: August 31, 2018.

Three, submission method

Please send the electronic version of the design manuscript to before the submission deadline. The manuscript should indicate 'Canton Fair PDC certificate design + applicant company name or person name' in the title.

4. Awards

After the submission deadline, PDC will organize relevant design experts to select the selected works, and finally select the winning unit or individual. The winners will receive a PDC booth fee voucher + award certificate; the voucher is valid for one year, which is the time of the two Canton Fair (The 124th and 125th Canton Fair). Companies or individuals participating in the submission will have the opportunity to obtain a mysterious gift.

5. Design promotion

The final selected design works will be promoted through the following channels:

(1) This solicitation will be held at the award ceremony of the first PDC Design Night of the 124th Canton Fair, and the final selected works will be displayed on the spot.

(2) The award-winning works will be collaboratively promoted online (WeChat, website, paper media, video, etc.) and offline (posters, certificates, decorations, etc.).

6. Related Instructions

(1) The submitted works should be original and not published or submitted in any form. No infringement of any intellectual property rights is allowed. In case of infringement of the copyrights of others, the applicant shall bear all legal responsibilities and compensate the collector for the losses suffered thereby.

(2) No matter whether the work is adopted or not, it will not be returned, please leave the manuscript for the author. After the works are shortlisted, they must submit the source files (such as vector files or layered files) of the design draft to the collector. If the source file cannot be provided as required, the award will be disqualified.

(3) The expert review is over, and the copyright of the winning work belongs to the collector. The solicitor has all rights to the work, and has the right to modify, combine and develop and apply the design work.

(4) The final interpretation right of this solicitation activity belongs to the Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Center.

(5) Telephone for activity consultation: 020-89181831.