Qimen design: from 0 to 1 of industrial life

On the morning of April 16th, Guan Yijun, general manager and design director of Foshan Qimen Design Consultant Co., Ltd., shared the theme case of 'Industrial Life Forms from 0 to 1-Robotic Arm Image Creation' in the PDC Design Gallery of Area A of the Canton Fair .


Qimen's design team focuses on brand design and industrial design services. Through systematic research strategies and unique parametric design technologies, it has now created a diversified brand image and international quality product series for many companies. At the same time, the Qimen team also has a very pure design concept: question the supremacy.

In this design wisdom event, Mr. Guan Yijun pointed out that the multi-axis industrial robot design project is a project full of unknowns from the beginning. Whether it is the client side or the Qimen team, it is almost the first time to contact the product. The development standards set by both parties are harsh.

Mr. Guan Yijun said that customers require their engineers to extremely compress the volume of the equipment at the structural design level, and even use standard parts to complete the limit size reached by non-standard parts, while the Qimen design team insists on adopting the overall curved surface design to ensure the shape of the model. Integrity, in order to break the mechanical sense of industrial equipment in people's impression, and form a brand new product image.

It is precisely because of the strict development standards of the Qimen design team and the adherence to the design concept that the product SAMYANG ROBOT was born.