Selection of life wine tasting




Today, 'Select Life' brought an extraordinary tasting in front of the design gallery. Audience friends picked up wine glasses, smelled the aroma of wine, tasted the charm of crown black pearl wine, and learned a variety of wines. Knowledge, this wine tasting was a complete success.


Before tasting wine, Mr. Zhan Peng, who selected life, introduced a variety of methods for tasting wine: seeing its color, smelling its fragrance, and tasting its taste, which is similar to tea tasting.

It is said that good wine must have a good glass to match. Teacher Ou introduced that the influence of wine glasses on wine cannot be ignored, and also told everyone what type of wine glasses should be selected for drinking, because this is the most important part when tasting wine. When the same bottle of wine is poured into wine glasses of different shapes, the aroma will be different. Its flavor will produce different styles of expression with the shape of the cup.


This selection of life wine sharing will combine theory and practice, and taste wines from Sicily, Italy. Finally, the teacher of the district also answered the doubts of many audience friends about wine, so that the guests were full!