Cup design


On the afternoon of April 24th, Mr. Wang Yiming, the founder of GCC Design, launched a design wisdom event with the theme 'For the Future' at the PDC Design Gallery. Based on this theme, how to recreate classic and useful design is GCC's understanding of 'future design'.

Mr. Wang Yiming pointed out that in the past cases, GCC has counted more than 100 cases of cups that have been implemented on the ground, covering ordinary water glasses, wine glasses, cold drinks cups, coffee cups, gift cups, children's cups, car cups, outdoor sports Cups, portable juicers, etc.

Among many cases about cups, Mr. Wang Yiming carefully selected and listed three cases of 'brand coffee cups', 'slubby cups', and 'technical limitations and innovations' to share with the audience.


During the event, Mr. Wang Yiming expounded his views on cup design. He believes that the cup is a very popular product, and believes that the design is just the continuous evolution of the material technology. What has never changed is to meet the most basic needs of people for 'drinking'. Therefore, the future cup must continue to develop based on its essence. What changes is the extension of various subdivision functions based on the essence. This is true for cups, and it is true for other products. 'Useful' is the essential direction of design, and it must be so in the future.

At the end of the event, Mr. Wang Yiming briefly introduced the GCC Design to the audience: GCC is from Ningbo and provides design services for many export-oriented or domestic companies. The home furnishing category is the main business direction that GCC has studied for 12 years. It has continuously accumulated and focused, and insisted on doing 'useful design'.