Brand and design: help brand e-commerce, enhance corporate value


On the afternoon of April 25th, Mr. Jorg van den Hoven, founder and chairman of Orange Branding (OB) from the Netherlands, China-Netherlands Orange Brand Consulting Co., Ltd. (Chinese name: South American Dragon) made the theme at the PDC Design Intelligence Forum: Branding and Design: Helping brand e-commerce, enhancing corporate value ', discussed how' brand e-commerce + brand building + design 'collide and integrate, hoping to bring inspiration to the majority of companies and help brands to move towards the world.

Mr. Nan Meilong pointed out that no matter whether it is the traditional retail or e-commerce road, Chinese manufacturers need to pass through at least two intermediaries for their products to reach consumers, which has led to rising sales costs. Moreover, due to the existence of too many intermediaries, it is difficult for manufacturers to accurately deliver key information such as their brands or product ideas to consumers. Consumers cannot resonate with them, so manufacturers ’traffic on e-commerce platforms is also Difficult to convert into sales.

Even though manufacturers gradually become aware of developing their own brands, brand building also lacks a unified planning system. Manufacturers often cooperate with different consulting service companies to conduct market research, product design, channel management, etc., but this approach is difficult to coordinate, staged, and systematic, and it is impossible to truly establish an overall consistent brand.


To this end, OB puts forward the concept of BCE (Branded Cross-border E-commerce), which extends brand thinking throughout the entire e-commerce brand building and operation, and uses relevant, systematic, consistent and standardized methods to apply relevant Professional knowledge, integration of various types of cooperation resources, promote the exponential growth of China's cross-border e-commerce enterprises.

BCE, the full name of Branded Cross-border E-commerce, is the brand cross-border e-commerce concept proposed by OB, aiming to provide 'brand strategy and brand creation + Amazon platform brand operation + brand communication content' for Chinese cross-border e-commerce enterprises Integrated services. In addition, in order to help the majority of cross-border e-commerce enterprises to achieve the goal of 'multiple growth', OB specially launched the 'BCE brand e-commerce service', which provides customized customized service packages for cross-border e-commerce enterprises at different stages of development With a full service of brand marketing communication in one step, its team has always believed that 'Chinese brands will dominate the global top 500.'