The road of Chinese brands to the sea: brand e-commerce to realize digital global with brand and design

On the first day of the 126th Canton Fair, Mr. Jorg van den Hoven (Chinese name: South American Dragon), founder and chairman of Orange Branding (OB) from the Netherlands, China-Dutch Orange Brand Consulting Co., Ltd. and James Wei, chief marketing consultant for digital marketing projects Wei Tao shared a speech on the theme of 'Chinese Brands' Road to the Sea: Brand E-commerce, Realizing the Digital Global with Brands and Design' in the Canton Fair PDC Design Wisdom Forum.


The two sharers gave speeches from 'brand e-commerce' and 'digital global' respectively, and analyzed the Chinese brand's road to the sea, and discussed the collision of 'brand e-commerce + brand building and design + digital global' The integrated overseas brand strategy hopes to bring new insights and new inspirations to the globalization of the brand for enterprises.

Brand e-commerce

South American Dragon pointed out that with the improvement of China's technology and international image, Chinese manufacturers have already begun to go abroad and move towards the world. The globalization of Chinese manufacturing accelerates the 'branding' transformation of enterprises.


In addition, as the brand awareness of Chinese manufacturers increases, Chinese manufacturers no longer only focus on manufacturing, they also understand the importance of building brands. The challenge of branding in the manufacturing industry is to strengthen brand awareness, and more importantly, build a brand system.

In response to the needs of Chinese manufacturers, OB puts forward the concept of BCE (Branded Cross-border E-commerce), which extends brand thinking throughout the entire e-commerce brand building and operation, through systematic, consistent and standardized Ways, apply relevant expertise, integrate various cooperation resources, and promote the exponential growth of Chinese cross-border e-commerce enterprises.

BCE, the full name of Branded Cross-border E-commerce, is the brand cross-border e-commerce concept proposed by OB, aiming to provide 'brand strategy and brand creation + Amazon e-commerce platform brand operation + brand communication' for Chinese cross-border e-commerce enterprises Content 'integrated services. In addition, in order to help the majority of cross-border e-commerce enterprises to achieve the goal of 'multiple growth', OB specially launched the 'BCE brand e-commerce service', which provides customized customized service packages for cross-border e-commerce enterprises at different development stages, providing brand-building With a full service of brand marketing communication in one step, its team has always believed that 'Chinese brands will dominate the global top 500.'

Digital globe


After sharing with South American Dragon, Wei Tao gave a speech on the theme of 'Digital Global'. He said that in recent years, China has gradually established a more prominent and positive national image internationally, and has built a powerful springboard for Chinese brands to go overseas. The impression of overseas consumers on 'Made in China' has undergone a major shift. At the same time, he also pointed out that to win consumer recognition, world-class products and services alone are not enough, and effective communication with consumers is equally important. If you do well, you must speak well.