Cloud Nest Design | Restructuring the Design Value Chain

On the afternoon of October 16, Huang Xin, Marketing Director of Cloud Nest Design Consulting (hereinafter referred to as Cloud Nest), delivered a speech on the theme of 'Reconstructing the Design Value Chain' at the PDC Design Gallery. At the venue, Huang Xin analyzed the cases behind design-driven brands that were popular all over the world, interpreted the logic behind shaping global brands, and analyzed how to achieve the overall improvement of brand value through each individual product. Give entrepreneurs and design colleagues more beneficial inspiration.

云巢设计 | 重构设计价值链

Huang Xin pointed out that the world is ushering in a good time for consumption upgrades. China's intelligent manufacturing services have become a global trend, and will become the next outlet to urge China's consumption upgrades, market upgrades and industrial upgrades, and to accelerate the acceleration of social and economic development.

As a design practitioner of innovative services, Designest Cloud Nest, through four years of development, has realized a complete business model centered on design strategy consulting and independent brand incubation. By jointing with startup companies and manufacturing companies in different sub-sectors, investing in incubating subsidiaries, and making full use of Yunchao's overall consulting and innovation capabilities to complete the construction of the brand 'from 0 to 1' in the early stages of development, and then handing over to cooperative companies To achieve supply chain integration and product mass production. This model gives full play to the biggest advantages of Yunchao and its cooperative enterprises. Through the joint cooperation of both parties, the asset-light operation is realized, and finally the company ’s development-related achievements and benefits are shared. Up to now, Yunchao has incubated three independent brands, children's backpack brand NOHOO, smart anti-theft backpack brand KORIN, tea lifestyle brand TEA.SOVE.

云巢设计 | 重构设计价值链

Through long-term cooperation with leading companies in subdivided fields, Yunchao has formed a unique design strategy methodology that can provide enterprises with everything from user research, brand planning, brand design, product planning to industrial design, packaging design, and supply chain integration. , Crowdfunding and other full-link services. Yunchao is particularly good at completing the 'from 0 to 1' brand building in the general trend of consumer upgrades in subdivided fields. Its unique 'Design Studio' development model and unique development 'think tank' for customers to find new business opportunities and breakthrough product innovation. By creating explosive products to promote the construction of a global brand, Yunchao has successfully shaped business miracles.