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On the morning of October 18th, Wu Huihong, the project manager of Hangzhou Yuanjun Industrial Product Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Yuanjun'), delivered a speech on the theme of 'Creating Innovation' at the PDC Design Gallery. By explaining the importance of design and innovation, she conveyed the design concept of 'industrial design system integrator' to the guests.

源骏工业产品设计 | 打造创新力

Wu Huihong said that Yuanjun is composed of more than 100 experienced designers, focusing on the fields of kitchen appliances, medical 3C, intelligent equipment, high-end equipment, garden tools and electromechanical equipment. By dialysis the current status of the industry, Yuanjun improves the design quality. With keen thinking, meticulous design, high-quality service and excellence in professionalism, we ensure that the products always meet the expectations of customers until they are put into production.

源骏工业产品设计 | 打造创新力

Wu Huihong pointed out that innovation is the normal behavior. The genes of innovation are team first and environment second. Globalization, deregulation and commoditization are permeating all aspects, and companies are also facing increasing pressure for innovation. The old management methods are no longer as comfortable as before. Competitors have gradually learned to resolve some competitive strategies, so they must start Evolution, a rapidly changing market environment, whether it is an enterprise or a design company, innovation is an eternal topic, a necessary topic for survival and development.

Yuan Jun's design is not limited to styling and design. Wu Huihong explained that Yuanjun is concerned about new materials, new processes, and technological breakthroughs, combined with Maslow ’s demand theory, to grasp the consumer trends after 70, 80, and 90, and product design should start with emotions and culture to remove the coldness From the perspective of ergonomics and sustainability, it provides users with good products, improves quality of life, pays more attention to new energy and environmentally friendly materials, considers the global environment, and considers the next generation.

源骏工业产品设计 | 打造创新力

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