The Guideline for the Online Exhibition of PDC Design Series Activities of the 127th Canton Fair • One

Recently, in order to promote the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic and economic and social development as a whole, and focus on displaying the image of Chinese manufacturing and Chinese foreign trade, the State Council Executive Meeting decided that the 127th Canton Fair will be held online from June 15 to 24, 2020.


As a design docking platform under the Canton Fair, PDC will also actively respond to the call held on the Canton Fair, provide online exhibitors with high-quality design resources at home and abroad, and help foreign trade companies take orders and secure the market through design innovation. In this Canton Fair, a series of activities such as PDC design display and Canton Fair Fashion Week will be moved online.

In order to let exhibitors keep abreast of the progress of the Canton Fair PDC online hosting, the Canton Fair PDC will issue related exhibition guidelines one after another based on the work progress. Highlights emerge, stay tuned!

1. Specific time? How long is the exhibition period?

From June 15-24, 2020, the exhibition will last for 10 days.

Second, the scope of online exhibitors?

PDC design activities: domestic and foreign design companies / institutions that have participated in the PDC design display of the Canton Fair and new companies that meet the qualifications for exhibition can sign up.

Canton Fair Fashion Week: All apparel manufacturers, apparel brands and designers can sign up.

3. How is the PDC online held in the Canton Fair?


No.1 Online Design Display

Design companies can display corporate and case product information by uploading pictures, videos, 3D, VR and other formats to display in multiple forms, multiple dimensions, and convenience, more intuitively and comprehensively present the company's strength and design concepts, and attract more design seeks Service manufacturers, buyers looking for creative design concepts and products exchange and cooperate.


No.2 Live Show

PDC set up an online live broadcast area for participating design companies. Design companies can apply for a live broadcast room in advance. The live broadcast room is not limited by time and space. Design companies can simultaneously share design-related topics and corporate strengths to a large number of customers through online live broadcasts. They can also interact with online audiences in real time through real-time communication tools to efficiently obtain business opportunities. 


No.3 online docking

The platform provides design docking services. Exhibitors can publish their design requirements in the docking area. Using the platform publishing tool, the design company can view the exhibitor's design needs, contact information and other information, and respond according to the types of needs.


No.4 Canton Fair Fashion Week

Participating companies can set up a company-specific display page and brand live room in the Canton Fair Fashion Week area (refer to the online display and live display content at points 1 and 2 above), and display corporate clothing online through the cloud walkway. Specific details and participation methods will be announced later.

4. Preparation for exhibition?

1. Company basic information: business license, company profile, team introduction, award certificate, contact information, company logo, company introduction video (if any);

2. Cooperation case product information: introduction of more than 5 case products, product pictures, videos (if any), or other formats of display materials;

3. Live themes, content preparation, live staff training, etc .;

Remarks: The text information displayed above should be prepared in both Chinese and English.


5. How to register?

1. PDC design activities

Exhibitors: Contact PDC staff directly to register.

New company: contact and submit relevant qualification audit materials, and participate after the audit is passed.

Method A: Pay attention to this public account, click on 'Booth Reservation' and fill in the registration information according to the guidelines;

Method B: Contact Miss Chen to register

Phone: 020-89181834, 13922239193



2. Canton Fair Fashion Week

Contact PDC staff directly to register.

Contact: Mr. Hou

Phone: 020-89181830, 13760885882




6. How to charge?

The PDC series of activities at the 127th Canton Fair will be held online, and PDC will charge a certain service fee.

The above is one of the guidelines for the online exhibition of the PDC series of events of the 127th Canton Fair, and the relevant guidelines for participation will be issued one after another according to the progress of the work. Design companies and apparel companies are welcome to sign up for the first online Canton Fair PDC design display and Canton Fair Fashion Week to jointly face the new opportunities under the epidemic crisis and lead the design trend of the new era!