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Canton Fair is the largest trade fair in China, with more than 24,000 best Chinese enterprises and 200,000 buyers from all over the world. Based on the rich resources of Chinese enterprises, international buyers and designers. PDC serves as a direct and efficient bridge for design service suppliers, demanders and overseas buyers to create win-win cooperations, share benefits and achieve mutual goals.

During Canton Fair , PDC holds design show at the Pearl Promenade, the only main corridor connecting area A, B and C inside the Canton Fair complex, for design companies to show their products, innovation and concepts directly to Chinese enterprises and global buyers.



Up to May 2019, PDC Design Show has accumulated 1352 times of design companies/organizations from 22 countries and regions to participate, including U.S., Australia, U.K., France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Italy, India, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Russian, Turkey, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, U.A.E. , Hong Kong, Taiwan and Chinese Mainland. The display area of PDC Design Show is 21483 m2.

Up to May 2019, the number of prospective customers developed by design companies via PDC Design Show has reached 235383, with approximately 73350 potential contracts (some signed already).


Canton Fair Product Categories of Design Show:

Phase I
April 15th-19th / Oct 15th-19th

Electronic products, Household Electrical Appliances, Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment, Building Materials and Lighting Equipment, Machinery, Vehicle and Spare Parts.

Phase II
April 23rd-27th / Oct 23rd-27th

Consumer goods, Gifts and Premiums, Home Decorations, Furniture, Toys, Ceramics, Clocks, Watches & Optical Instruments, Personal Care Products.

Phase III
May 1st-5th / Oct 31st-Nov 4th

Textiles & Garments, Shoes, Stationary & Office Supplies, Cases and Bags, Medicines, Medical Devices and Health Products, Food.

PDC Design Show Exhibitors
Design companies/organizations of Product design, Packaging design, Fashion Design, Branding &
Marketing, and Trend Forecasting, in which related to the Canton Fair product categories.

PDC Design Show Booth Size & Price:
Raw Space: 4.5m*2m/3m*3m=9Sqm, 27,000RMB/Phase
Raw Space: 8m*5m= 40Sqm, 120,000RMB /Phase


Specifications on PDC

Formulating the following specifications is to make the Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Centre (PDC) Design Show more standardized and to have better organization of the exhibitors.

1. Verification of Exhibitors

1. Terms for applicants

1) Applicants shall be the legally registered companies / organizations outside Chinese mainland, or overseas design companies / Institutions legally registered in Chinese mainland. Exhibitors shall offer copies of registered certificates (with seal of company) or other valid documents. Business license of non-English version or Chinese version have to be translated into Chinese or English.

2)Applicants who have the recommendation letter written by China’s overseas embassies and consulates, foreign embassies and consulates in China, or PDC partner organizations, will have the priority of admission.

3) The business scopes of the applicants shall fit well with Canton Fair product categories or, applicants shall offer written documents which can show its design ability of Canton Fair exhibit categories, including cooperation records or design award certificates.

4) Applicants whose main business is Industrial design, brand management, marketing strategy and trend information, have the priority of admission.

5) Applicants shall apply and exhibit in their real-name and registered in the name of the actual exhibitors.

6) The submitted information by applicants shall be real, valid and reliable.

2 .Verification of Exhibit Qualifications

Supporting documents related to the above terms shall be submitted together with the application form. Debating on the qualifications of applicants will be finally decided by PDC leadership team.

3. Application materials: company introduction (both in English and Chinese), business license, design team profile, 5-8 pictures of design cases, design award certificate and Logo, etc.


Booth Design and Construction

Criteria for the Green Custom-built Stand of Canton Fair

The criteria herein define the design, structure, material, workmanship of stand setting-up and dismantling as well as the display effect, which shall be applicable for all custom-built stands in the Canton Fair.


1. Meanings

The Green Stands shall comply with trends of conciseness, standardization and environmental-protection. Design should follow the reduce, reuse and recycle principle. The structures should be modular and component-based. Regeneration and recycling materials should be key materials for these stands. The display effects should well demonstrate the corporate philosophy, and image of the corporate and its products.


2. Criteria

The stands should be fabricated following the basic requirements and green requirements set herein.

1Basic requirements

a. Design Pass the design verification of custom-built stand of the Canton Fair.

b. Fire-protection and structure safety

iPass the fire-protection and structure safety verification of the Canton Fair.

iiEnsure the entire strength, rigidity, stability and join stability of the stand structure.

iiiStand design and construction should strictly comply with relevant national imposed technical specifications, standards and regulations.

c. Safety of power usage

iPass the safety of power usage verification of the Canton Fair.

iiStand construction should strictly comply with relevant national imposed technical specifications, standards and regulations for electrical installation.

d. Refer to the manual book of the Canton Fair for details.

2Green requirements

a. Design

3Rprinciple shall be followed, they are

A. Reduce: minimize materials to realize the stand function.

B. Reuse: materials should be reused as the original.

C. Recycle: Economically recycle and reuse materials which help to realize the stand function.

b. Materials

iRegeneration , recycle, Non-toxic environmental protection material or recycling materials should be employed in the construction. They should comply with standards set in A and B of this item.

A. Quantity of decoration materials used for full-metal structures should be less than 10% of the total cubage of the structure itself (as per cubage of the structure). Only non-timber materials shall be allowed for this purpose. The constructional materials must be 100% recyclable.

B. Quantity of timber materials used for mixed structures should be less than 30% of the total cubage of the structure itself (as per cubage of the structure). The constructional materials must be 100% recyclable.

iiLight, easy for dismantling, loading and haulage.

iiiEfficient light bulb used in the lighting system should not be lower than 80%.

c. Setting-up and dismantling

iOn-site fabrication should be modular and component-based. Construction and dismantling should be in good order, controllable, convenient, safe and expedited.

iiNo adverse impact should be resulted to persons, exhibition halls and facilities in the complex. No dust, noise, toxin gas and discarded materials should be left in the halls. No violations of any regulations should be allowed.

d. Effects

iDemonstrate the corporate philosophy, image of corporate and products.

iiThe stands should be transparent and well structured. No timber materials should be used for capping.

iiiDisplay should be concise, harmonious and beautiful.

3. The criteria herein defined should be used internally by the Canton Fair. China Foreign Trade Centre shall be responsible for interpretation of the criteria.


3. Display unit construction requirements:

1). Limited height2.8 meters

2). Limited widthwithin the stand area

3). Forbidden behaviorsPlease refer to Conduct for Participation in the Fair Service Guidelines of Exhibitors (The International Pavilion of the 121st Session of China Import and Export Fair).


ATTENTION: All the stands construction materials and parts must be prepared outside Canton Fair exhibition hall in advance, only assembling on-site permitted and no on-site operation.

Please work with the authorized construction company for the booth. All the authorized ones are list on


4. Drawing Verification Application

1) Application materials: booth design plan, booth poster, company promotion sheets, etc.

2) Submit Deadline:15th March for emailing the drawing, 20th March for paper handling.

3) Drawing Documents:



Badge Appliance

1 Badge Application Flow

1.1 Application: Applicator needs to submit related documents for badge to PDC Promotion and Operation Department before March. 15, 2016.

1.2 PDC Promotion and Operation Department checks and then submits all documents to Canton Fair Badge Centre.

1.3 Applicator will be informed to take badges once available.

1.4 Badge will be distributed to applicators by PDC Promotion and Operation Department.


2 Related documents for badge: name list, passport, ID card scan copy and photo

2.1 The name list needs to be stamped with company stamp or signature.

2.2 Words and numbers in passport, ID card copy or scan copy must be clear. ID card should be second generation version.

2.3 Photo requirement: 2 inches (40mm*50mm), colorful with blue or white background, upper body. Head should cover 2/3 of the whole photo with 2-3mm distance between upper end of photo and top head and 5-8mm distance between lower end of photo and low jaw.

3 Badge Quantities

PDC will grant a certain number of free badges to exhibitors. In principle: 4 badges for 4.5m×2m; 8 badges for 8m×5m.

1Exhibitor proportion

Among the exhibitor representatives, overseas exhibitors and Chinese mainland exhibitors should not be below a ratio of 2:1.

2Badge re-application

A service fee of 200RMB / day / card will be charged for re-application under any circumstances including the card is lost or not brought with exhibitors.



Success Stories of Exhibiting Design Companies

MITO, from China Taiwan

Design show

MITO has been exhibiting in PDC Design show for sessions. Through PDC, its business has been expanded from China to overseas market, which helps MITO build domestic and international distribution channels. Now MITO has become an international design company.

Goth Design, from S. Korea

Design show

Goth Design has been consecutively exhibiting in PDC Design Show for 8 sessions and successfully expanded its overseas market through PDC. At present, its overseas sales takes more than 50% of its total sales, among which Chinese clients hold the most shares and clients from other countries includes US, Turkey and Malaysia, etc also keep good cooperation relationships with them. Through these practices, Goth Design has diversified their product ranges, not only increased design experiences, but also enriched the company's design cases.

Stimulo, from Spain

Design show

Stimulo has been exhibiting in PDC Design Show for sessions. As the result, its Chinese market share has been increased by 40%. As their business expanding to Australia, Turkey and U.A.E., Stimulo is now becoming an international design agency.



Booth layout of phase1 Design showBooth layout phase1.pdf


Booth layout of phase2 Design showBooth layout of phase 2.pdf


Booth layout of phase3  Design showBooth layout of phase 3.pdf











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