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PDC Design Gallery is located in the Pearl Promenade—the main corridor of Canton Fair Complex, opening during all main main excisions over the year, embracing hundreds of visitors from China and the rest of the world. It shows and sells.



Main businesses of PDC Design Gallery


Design GalleryWith the various kinds of goods, PDC Design Gallery can meet the purchasing needs of all kinds of customers.


Gift Customization

Design GalleryIn PDC Design Gallery, special gifts can be customized for business clients, catering to their needs of high quality goods with creativity and functions.


Branding Zone

Design GalleryPDC Design Gallery helps to increase brand awareness and product sales by offering a golden merchandise area that is enable to attract globle customers.


New Products Release

Design Gallery

PDC Design Gallery serves as a place for enterprises and brands to hold new products releasing conferences and special section show, which is the best promotion and sales channel for companies.


Design Gallery


Currently PDC Design Gallery is cooperating with 60 famous creative and design brands at home and abroad, and it is aiming to develop into a gathering place for all creative products of different fields.



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