PDC --- a bridge connecting "World Design" and "Made in China"

When General Secretary Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter on the occasion of the opening of the 120th Canton Fair, he stressed that the Canton Fair needs to innovate institutional mechanisms and business models to better support enterprises to develop markets and strengthen brands. The Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Center (hereinafter referred to as PDC) will continue to introduce design innovation resources through the 'Design Upgrading Trade' series of activities at this session of the Canton Fair to provide exhibitors with design, brand incubation and new sales channels, and other services to help enterprises to manufacture Ye smiled at both ends.

11 countries (regions) design assembly Canton Fair, accurate docking design services

The transformation and upgrading of enterprises are inseparable from design innovation. The second PDC of this Canton Fair attracted 52 excellent design companies from 11 countries (regions) including France, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Mainland China. The Pearl River Promenade in the pavilion provides comprehensive design and innovation services for exhibitors and fosters competitive advantages in foreign trade.

Focus on design wisdom and analyze market characteristics

The second phase of the PDC organized 11 design forums and design wisdom events. Among them, the “Innovation Road of Ceramic Industry · International Design Seminar on Ceramics” invited ceramic design experts from Mainland China and Finland to be guests of the forum, focusing on the trends of the ceramic industry and emerging markets Product characteristics, explain ceramic design concepts and cross-border application skills, enrich the development of the ceramic industry.

Innovate traditional business models to help companies develop markets

Design innovation determines the company's core competitiveness, and business model determines the company's core vitality. This year's Canton Fair, the 'Star Cafe Special Purchase' platform debuted at PDC. Through the connection between design and production companies, the platform's star resources jointly incubate brand products, enhance corporate brand image, and promote trade growth. On the evening of October 24th, PDC will hold a design night with the 'Star Cafe Special Purchase' in the banquet hall of the Westin Hotel in Canton Fair to launch platform launches and introduce innovative business models. Professor Wang Shouzhi, an important founder of modern design education, came to the scene to do a special sharing to guide the Canton Fair exhibitors to create a new development model.