PDC · Suning crowdfunding solicitation starts

Project Background

Suning Crowdfunding is a crowdfunding platform under Suning Yunshang Financial Group, covering physical, crafts, real estate, entertainment, film and television, culture, agriculture and other fields. It is the only domestic platform that simultaneously implements online platforms and offline physical stores simultaneously. The omni-channel platform for crowdfunding product experience has opened a new model of O2O crowdfunding.

This cooperation between Canton Fair PDC and Suning Crowdfunding has successfully built a bridge to participate in online product crowdfunding for many PDC design companies and high-quality exhibitors at the Canton Fair. Registration through PDC to participate in Suning Crowdfunding will be more convenient and efficient !

Crowdfunding Introduction

Modern crowdfunding refers to publishing fund-raising projects and raising funds through the Internet. Crowdfunding uses the characteristics of the Internet and SNS communication to allow companies, artists or individuals to show their creativity to the public, to attract everyone's attention and support, and to obtain the financial assistance they need.

Support policy

Participating in Suning crowdfunding through the PDC platform will enjoy the following special policy support:

1. Free display (scanning code payment) of offline stores in Suning. Currently, Suning upgrades the best stores to cloud stores nationwide. Cloud stores are the stores with the best local traffic and the best location (before September There are 25 cities including Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuxi, Shenyang, Jinan, Kunming, Tianjin, Xi'an, Suzhou, Changchun, etc.). At present, this part of Suning is only free for a few key projects, and Suning crowdfunding is fully open to offline resources for projects recommended by PDC.

2. In terms of fees, on the basis of 3% of the original platform usage fee, the platform usage fee for the project recommended by PDC is changed to 3% within 1 million, and the remaining amount exceeding 1 million is charged 1%.

3. The crowdfunding projects recommended by PDC will be given priority to go live.

4. Preferential use of online advertising resources under the same conditions.

PDC will provide the following policy support for crowdfunding product companies:

1. For the design plan of the unfunded crowdfunding products provided by the design company, PDC can assist to contact the existing rich manufacturer resources of the Canton Fair to help the crowdfunded products achieve production landing;

2. PDC will release information on crowdfunding products on the official website, public WeChat and other external publicity channels to increase the popularity of crowdfunding products.


1. August 13-October 14, 2015

PDC · Suning Crowdfunding Launches the First Round of Recruitment

2. September 1, 2015

Launched the first batch of crowdfunding solutions

3. October 15th-October 16th, 2015

Crowdfunding products are collected on the spot during the Canton Fair

4. October 17, 2015

Suning Crowdfunding Product Experience Conference (to be planned)

Suning Crowdfunding · PDC Design Night publishes the results of crowdfunding

Start the second round of crowdfunding program solicitation

way of participation

1. Submit relevant information about crowdfunding products:

a. Company and design team introduction

b. Crowdfunding product introduction (functions, parameters, unique highlights)

c. Introduction of crowdfunding plan (crowdfunding price and return plan)

2. After the preliminary application is passed, send the product prototype or the actual product. After completing the performance test, start the online crowdfunding.

contact details

Contact: Qiu Qiao

Telephone: 020-89181845

Contact email: joe@pdc.org.cn