Prospects for the series of special events of the 118th Canton Fair

The current world economy continues a moderate recovery, there are many unstable and uncertain factors, and international competition is more intense. In the coming period, China's foreign trade development will still face many challenges such as weak external demand, weakened traditional competitiveness, and increased external restrictions. However, 'Internet Plus' and 'Millions of Innovations' are becoming powerful engines for promoting the quality and efficiency of the Chinese economy, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of industries, intensifying internal competition in the industry, and pushing the market to reshuffle. How to seize the opportunity and turn the crisis into an opportunity tests the wisdom and determination of foreign trade enterprises. During the 118th Canton Fair, the 'Canton Fair Conference Forum' and 'Design to Enhance Trade' series of special events will continue to focus on industry hotspots and the latest information, helping companies inspire ideas and seize opportunities for transformation and upgrading.

Design display: Up to now, there are 90 countries from 15 countries / regions including the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Japan, Russia, the UAE, Portugal, India, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan The design company, 12 design young people from China and South Korea, participated in the design exhibition of the 118th Canton Fair. The exhibition area reached 1467 square meters, an increase of 2.84% month-on-month. The design exhibition time is synchronized with the time of Canton Fair Phase 3.

Conference Forum: This session will host more than a dozen seminars covering topics such as trend trends, technology research and development, design innovation, and marketing management.

October 16 Trend Seminar: At present, the pattern of international industrial division of labor is being reshaped. 'Made in China 2025' looks forward to a wave of industrial transformation in China. As one of China's important export categories, the overall growth trend of small household electrical appliances remains stable, the industry prospects are widely optimistic, and the industry is ushering in a period of rapid development. With the theme of 'Future Development Trends of Small Home Appliances', this forum invites high-level companies such as GfK, a world market research giant, Haier Group, a leading Chinese home appliance company, and U2 Design, a cutting-edge industrial design company, to gather together to Informative data and cases, from the perspective of market trends, user experience, product design, etc., in-depth interpretation of the future development trend of small household appliances.

October 17th Technology R & D Seminar: Switzerland ’s SGS Group, the world ’s leading inspection, identification, testing and certification organization, dispatched first-line experts in the field of electronic home appliance testing and evaluation to “how to create green“ smart ”smart electronic products” On the theme, a comprehensive introduction to the 'green home appliance' manufacturing program.

October 17th Design Innovation Forum: The senior designer of the famous design agency Tang Shuo designed 'Experience +-New Opportunities in the Smart Era', and will share with the audience to lead the team to provide quality user experience design services to many domestic and foreign customers Experience, covering areas such as mobile devices, automobiles, and home appliances. Inspire inspiration for product innovation and help companies enhance the user experience value of products.

October 23 International Marketing Forum: Mr. Zheng Renjie, who has served for the world ’s top 500 Sears and Midea ’s US branch, and Ms. Ji Cuijie, the Chinese project officer of the United Nations International Trade Center (ITC), will jointly analyze the characteristics of the US market and intend to Companies pointing to the US market are pointing the way. Mr. Zheng Renjie will also present his new book 'Basic Skills of Chinese Enterprises Entering the US Market' on the spot.

Design Innovation Seminar on October 24: Peter Wang, Procurement Director of American Horizon Group, will be invited to share his rich practical experience in the field of home purchasing, and decipher the way of enterprise product innovation and market development. Take you to explore the mystery of design and development and terminal marketing at both ends of the smile curve.

October 24th Technology R & D Seminar: China is a world-class toy manufacturing and exporting country. The main markets for Chinese toy exports such as the United States, Europe, Japan and Hong Kong are becoming saturated. Where is the emerging toy market? The market analysis experts of Swiss SGS Group, the world's leading inspection, appraisal, testing and certification organization, will interpret the emerging toy markets for the audience-the Middle East and Indonesia, and discuss the way companies enter the emerging toy market!

October 25th 'New Normal • New Smart Manufacturing' Seminar on Innovation and Transformation of Chinese Foreign Trade Enterprises: Yasuo Kurokawa, Father of Japanese Industrial Design, Wu Xiaobo, Financial Writer, Responsible Professor of Tsinghua University School of Fine Arts, Doctoral Supervisor, and Deputy Director of China Industrial Design Association Liu Guanzhong, director and director of the Academic and Communication Committee, Shi Zhenyu, associate professor of the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, Ye Guofu, president of Mingchuang Youpin Asia Pacific, design director Miyake Sunye, and other industry leaders gathered at the Canton Fair for in-depth interpretation of the opportunities for innovation and transformation of foreign trade enterprises.

October 31st International Marketing Forum: How will the foreign trade environment change in 2016? 8.11 What impact does the exchange rate reform bring to enterprises? How to avoid the risk of accounts receivable? Experts from PICC P & C and Owens Business Consulting Co., Ltd. (RMS) will analyze and answer the above questions.

November 1st Trends Forum Seminar: Grasping trend trends and keeping up with fashion trends, Fashion Leoops Asia Pacific sales and marketing director Michael Leow continued to deeply interpret the 2017 autumn / winter trends of men's and women's clothing of the world's top fashion brands. miss!

International seminar on technology research and development on November 1st: Under the 'One Belt, One Road' policy, which is both an opportunity and a challenge, how can apparel and footwear companies break through their own development and seize strategic opportunities? How to break through the new normal of industry development and improve the new level of clothing quality? How can textile and footwear products avoid trade barriers in European and American markets? With the eyes of industry experts of the Swiss SGS Group, the world's leading inspection, identification, testing and certification organization, peek into the meanings of the Chinese and Chinese.

Canton Fair Import Pavilion Activities: During the third phase, the Import Pavilion will hold the China-Australia Trade Development Forum and trade matching activities, which will explain in detail the relevant policies of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement and provide information on the well-known Australian wineries, high-quality food, beverages, health products and Opportunities for face-to-face communication and negotiation among dairy companies

The Argentine Pavilion in the Import Pavilion will also host a South American specialty food promotion event in the third phase, presenting the deliciousness from the Pampas.

In addition, during this Canton Fair, the Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Center (PDC) will also hold the PDC Suning Crowdfunding Forum event, the fifth anniversary of the publication of the 'PDC Design' new book conference, Canton Fair original design fashion show, PDC original design invitation A series of 5th anniversary celebrations such as exhibition awards, and more than 20 design wisdom events.

When you come to the Canton Fair, you will not only receive orders. The way of thinking determines the way out. For more event information, please stay tuned in time.