Promote the development of original fashion and introduce new business models


In recent years, the apparel industry, once an important industry in 'Made in China', is facing a bottleneck period of development. Many apparel companies are eager to survive the economic winter through independent original products.

In the third phase of the 120th Canton Fair, PDC Design showcased a total of 10 brands and a number of designers from 14 companies and made 10 wonderful Canton Fair original design fashion shows (hereinafter referred to as fashion shows). The original design products covered wedding dresses, evening dresses, Denim denim, fashion music products, etc. In this Canton Fair, PDC also launched a cross-border design original innovative product joint catwalk model, mobilizing all parties' resources and promoting the integrated development of the fashion industry. Many buyers immediately showed interest in cooperation after watching the show, and some have placed orders on the spot.

The PDC design exhibition area is splendid, and continues to use the most grounded design to help production companies step by step, 38 excellent design companies from 9 countries and regions including France, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Mainland China Provide comprehensive design project services to Canton Fair customers.

On the evening of November 2nd, the fashion show night co-hosted by PDC and Star Cafe was successfully held at the Westin Canton Fair. Li Jinqi, deputy director and secretary general of the Canton Fair, said in his speech that the fashion show has opened a window displaying excellent original works of Chinese local designers, providing a new platform for the branding and internationalization of Chinese clothing. He hopes to pass the PDC series The activities can help Chinese enterprises to pay attention to originality, brand building, and enhance trade through design. Wang Bo, the founder and CEO of Xingga Special Shopping, introduced his brand-new business model to the audience. Through the connection between design and production enterprises, the platform and star resources jointly incubate brand products, taking advantage of huge resources to help companies enhance the competitiveness of the industry. , To achieve long-term development of enterprises.

The 120th Canton Fair PDC series of events officially came to an end today. PDC will not forget its original intention and continue to make a good bridge between 'World Design' and 'Made in China' to lead production with design and promote trade with design. Dear friends, see you at the 121st Canton Fair!