Work together for a win-win cooperation | PDC Foshan exchange and friendship event was successfully held

携手共进 合作共赢 | PDC佛山交流联谊活动顺利举行

On the afternoon of November 16, the 'PDC Italian Afternoon Tea Party' hosted by the Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Center (PDC), organized by Yipin Youpin, and co-organized by Guangdong Industrial Design City was held in Foshan 1506 Creative Park The Italian Life Experience Pavilion was held. 16 designers and entrepreneurs from 12 companies / organizations participated in the event. Everyone enhanced understanding and discussed industry trends in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

Through this event, PDC has established a good interactive platform for mutual communication, with a lively atmosphere and rich interactive content. Many designers have stated that each session of the PDC has different highlights, and each session is more exciting than the other, hoping to have more in-depth cooperation and exchanges with PDC.

Session 1:

PDC introduction and achievement review

Session 2:

PIZZA and Coffee Lahua DIY Experience

Session 3:

Industry Exchange, Wine Tasting

Session 4:

Game interaction

During the event, the designers and enterprise representatives communicated and exchanged information, all expressed support for PDC as always, and hoped that PDC could work with all walks of life to jointly connect design and industry, transform and upgrade production enterprises, and enhance design innovation capabilities. Create greater value with product quality. The networking event came to an end with laughter, and the cooperation between PDC and various design companies and enterprises entered a new beginning.