The Road to Innovation in the Ceramic Industry · International Design Seminar on Ceramics

On October 24, the Road to Innovation in the Ceramic Industry · Ceramic International Design Symposium hosted by the China Foreign Trade Center and the Chaozhou Ceramic Industry Association (referred to as the Chaozhou Ceramics Association) and undertaken by the Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Center (PDC) The 2nd conference room of the exhibition hall was successfully held.

 Xie Yingqun, general manager of PDC Promotion Department, and Lin Daofan, president of Chaozhou Tao Association attended the seminar and addressed the opening.

Xie Yingqun, general manager, said that the ceramic industry has rapid product update iterations and huge demand for design. The transformation and upgrading of the ceramic manufacturing industry cannot be separated from product design and technological innovation. It is hoped that entrepreneurs will gain innovative ideas through seminars.

President Lin Daofan proposed that Chaozhou ceramics ranks at the forefront of the world in terms of categories, varieties and scale, and is exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, contributing to the national economic development, and at the same time enabling long-term development of production areas and enterprises. He hopes to promote the overall design level of Chaozhou ceramics through the designer's on-site guidance.

The guest lineup of this ceramic international design seminar is strong, hosted by famous artists, cross-border designers, PDC chief art consultant, chairman and chief designer of Guangdong Tianyi Culture Co., Ltd. Guo Chenghui, internationally renowned ceramic artist, Jingdezhen Ceramic University Professor Li Jianshen, Europe's top industrial design master, Finnish artist professor Hannu Kahonen (Hannu Kahonen), Guangzhou Jimei Group Interior Design Engineering Co., Ltd., Beijing Design Studio Chief Designer Chen Xiangjing as guest speakers, to the ceramic industry enterprises The family brought a full-scale design gluttonous feast.

Li Jianshen shared the title of 'From the New Official Kiln Series to the National Banquet-Cultural Identity and Humanism of Chinese Ceramic Design'. He pointed out that Chinese ceramic art has a long history. The development of thousands of years has been accompanied by a profound humanistic spirit. The historical precipitation has made humanistic spirit permeate into the bones of ceramic art, accompanied by form and shadow, which has become the essence of ceramics. Because of innovation, the improved new official kiln is also favored by the market. Afterwards, Professor Li introduced the evolution of the official kiln and the charm of the state banquet through a wonderful case analysis, and encouraged the enterprises present to establish a corporate culture spirit and bring a better lifestyle to the world through ceramics.

With the title of 'Design Helps the Transformation and Upgrading of the Ceramic Industry', Hanno Kahoning analyzed the ceramic industry is facing problems such as high homogeneity, backward production technology and lack of emotional elements in products. He reminded enterprises to focus on user needs and market needs, combine the factory's production process to give play to creativity, so that the design can truly land. Hanno put forward the design system of 'innovative organization', from the market, consumers to the professional skills of the designer itself, the investment of the management, to the innovation strategy, production, marketing and sales, every link needs the enterprise to study carefully. By comparing Kodak's decline with the rise of Instagram and other cases, he intuitively let companies feel how good design can subvert the market and create unlimited possibilities.

Chen Xiangjing pointed out that changes in lifestyle require design innovation. Design and life are inseparable and based on each other. Contemporary design cannot completely abandon traditional ideas. Through the design cases of 'Jimo Junlan Hotel Project' and 'Beijing-Zisha Tiliang No.1', he showed how to express the traditional memory with contemporary techniques, and proposed that the lifestyle and aesthetics of contemporary young people have changed Everyone treats traditional culture and traditional crafts with an open attitude. Finally, Chen Xiangjing suggested to the enterprise that different materials can be used in the design of ceramics to meet the needs of different environments.

Through the wonderful sharing of the three speakers, the host guest Guo Chenghui made a wonderful comment and put forward several topics such as how 'commonality' and 'big personality' coexist. On-site exhibitors and guests discussed this topic in depth.

After the seminar, General Manager Xie Yingqun and President Lin Daofan issued lecture certificates for the moderators and speakers.

Note: The above views only represent the speakers themselves, not the stand.