Innovative business model, exploring the way of design —— Star Coffee Special Purchase • PDC Design Night & Wang Shouzhi [Design Past and Design Future] Dnight Sharing was successfully held

On the evening of October 24, hosted by the China Foreign Trade Center, jointly organized by the Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Center (hereinafter referred to as PDC) and Star Coffee Special Purchase, 'Star Coffee Special Purchase • PDC Design Night and Wang Shouzhi [Designed by The past and the future of design] Dnight Sharing 'was successfully held at the Westin Canton Fair.

Ma Chunzhi, deputy secretary general of the Canton Fair, attended the event and delivered a speech. Ma Chunzhi pointed out that since its establishment, PDC has been committed to introducing global high-quality design resources to exhibitors, providing the driving force for industrial transformation and upgrading, and also actively exploring new cooperation models of combining industry and design. He emphasized that 'design leads production, design promotes trade', and hopes that the exhibitors of the Canton Fair can make full use of the cooperation platform of PDC and Xingjia Special Purchase, and drive innovation to explore a new way for the future development of Chinese foreign trade enterprises.

Wang Bo, the president of Xingga Special Purchase, introduced the innovative business models based on the Internet and mobile networks, the overall situation of Xingga Special Purchase, resource advantages and service content to the design companies and enterprises participating in the event. More than 500 people from domestic brand companies, industry chambers of commerce, design giants, Internet companies, and well-known new media participated in the event. The cooperation between PDC and Xingjia Special Purchase will provide opportunities for the upgrading and transformation of Canton Fair manufacturing enterprises and the development of design companies.

Afterwards, Professor Wang Shouzhi, an international coffee designer and an important founder of modern design and modern design education, made a wonderful sharing on the theme of 'The Past of Design and the Future of Design', which brought a gluttonous feast of design to the audience.

If you want to know more about Mr. Wang Shouzhi's live sharing, please pay attention to the Dnight public account: Dnight-cn