The second PDC design showcases the stories of those "most" people


The second PDC design exhibition area of the 120th Canton Fair attracted 52 design companies / organizations from 12 countries / regions including the United States, Britain, France, Netherlands, Italy, and South Korea, covering furniture, household goods, consumer electronics and other industries Product design, brand planning, space design, trend prediction and other fields. As of the morning of October 26, nearly 3,000 merchants had communicated their intention to cooperate with the participating design companies. There were so many intentions to negotiate in just three and a half days, and let us find out.

Most eye-catching

The booth of Korea Gusi Industrial Design Company is particularly eye-catching. Nearly ten long-legged 'Ouba' and high-value beauty designers are participants in the Gusi young designer training program. In recent years, Mr. Zheng Xijun, President of Gu Si, has created a new-generation designer incubation platform with years of accumulation of corporate resources in China and South Korea and global markets to provide market feasibility guidance, technical support and financial support for their creative landing. And help designers connect with Chinese production enterprises and international sales channels. Mr. Zheng said that participating in the Canton Fair is the most intuitive way to test the market. Young designers bring their own design samples. If the customer responds enthusiastically, these ideas can be officially put into production. If the response is not good, modify the design after hearing the customer's suggestions Program, which is very helpful for the growth of young designers.

Most youthful

It must be said that the lowest average age of the exhibitors in this issue is definitely the PDC young seedlings plan participant. This year's Young Seeds Program is jointly organized by PDC and Korea Design Promotion Institute. The two sides have selected 8 outstanding young designers to participate. Among them, the four designers who participated in the second phase mainly focused on the design of household items. The creative and avant-garde design concepts have been widely praised by customers. During the Canton Fair, the PDC Young Seedling Program provided an international platform for young designers to communicate and display. The participating designers expressed great benefits.

The largest coffee

During the Canton Fair, the words 'star coffee special purchase' were mentioned numerous times. In addition to the eye-catching booth design, the huge star posters of the exhibition hall flyover and the Westin Hotel Covered Bridge made more money for Canton Fair merchants and The designer's attention. In addition to the on-site support of the star partners, Starga Special Purchase also held a design night with the PDC at the Westin Hotel at the Canton Fair on the evening of October 24, introducing them to 'good manufacturing in China' and 'good design in the world' An online platform that provides high-quality 'star + Internet' sales channels. On the design night, Mr. Wang Shouzhi, an important founder of modern design and modern design education in China, was invited to share the theme of 'Design Past and Design Future', and more than 500 audiences were occupied. . Teacher Wang has a clear point of view, rigorous logic, and humor. During the speech, there have been endless applause.

most useful

On the afternoon of October 23rd, a design wisdom speech on the theme of 'Creating and Making Useful Household Products' was held at the PDC Design Gallery. Mr. Wang Yiming, the general manager of Ningbo Jucheng Creative Co., Ltd., shared with the audience their design aspects. The most useful 'success story. Ningbo Jucheng is a relatively low-key design company in the PDC design exhibition area. It is difficult for you to find cool products in Jucheng's design works, because it focuses on some subdivision areas that are not for everyone's attention, such as Water pumps in the machinery industry, cutting boards and sewing boxes in our daily lives. These products often have amazing features in the details of the function, but due to the limitation of the field, they may not cause a sensational effect, but each one is the most practical. The products they design can bring customers excellent market response and economic returns every time, leaving a good reputation among customers.


At the entrance of the Pearl River Promenade in Area B of the Canton Fair Complex, a design company's booth attracts many exhibitors to stop every day. This company is a Deco Creative that participated in the PDC design display. Service company for trend prediction and analysis. With the most accurate market analysis, the most cutting-edge color trends, the latest trendy sample pictures and the most authoritative trend analysis report, Deco Chuangyi offers a fresh trend trend for home crafts companies.