PDC Ningbo Design Exchange Meeting and PDC Workstation (Ningbo) Unveiling Ceremony Held Successfully


On November 27th, the PDC Ningbo Design Exchange and PDC Workstation (Ningbo) unveiling ceremony was successfully held in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, Ningbo Daye Design, Ningbo Science and Technology, Ningbo Zhuoyi Design, Ningbo Distance Creative, Ningbo Chuangjia Design, Ningbo Representatives of design companies and enterprises such as Aoke Design, Ningbo Lanyin Design and Ningbo Norbuer attended the meeting.

The designers expressed their long-awaited establishment of PDC Ningbo Workstation. PDC has always provided high-quality and efficient design docking services for both supply and demand sides of the design. The establishment of Ningbo Workstation will create greater convenience and assistance for the cooperation between Ningbo design companies and production enterprises, and the integrated development of Ningbo 'manufacturing' and PDC global 'design'. .

The on-site designers and entrepreneurs each shared the company's development status and successful experience gained through the Canton Fair and PDC series of activities, and made further exchanges on projects such as PDC design display and Canton Fair original design fashion show. Participants proposed that, with the help of PDC Ningbo Workstation, they would create a 'Ningbo Design' business card and cultivate more Ningbo brands to be promoted throughout the country and around the world.