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China's industrial design has come to this day and the windward banner is always a new element, new material or new technology. Designers are carefully running on the road of seeking 'newness', but gradually weakened the value thinking of humanistic design, ignoring some specific groups that need more care. How entrepreneurs will infiltrate humanistic care into their product design has become a trending issue worthy of consideration.

On April 16, at the PDC Design Gallery venue of the Canton Fair, representatives from Rococo Design Group, General Manager of Suzhou Xuanang Industrial Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xuanang Design) Lu Zhixuan and Guangdong Shunde Qianlong Industrial Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qianlong Design) Founder Yang Weiqiang had a lively discussion on this topic.

人文设计 | 人文至善,设计致美

Qianlong Design Yang Weiqiang found from the perspective of his father that many children's products are designed to be complete. He believes that through business design, market opportunities can be easily discovered and differentiated competitive advantages can be found. If you want to discover some fundamental and creative problems and solutions in the design process, you need to think from the perspective of human care. Sometimes you need to temporarily put down the commercial factors and put yourself in the life of the designed object. Insights to discover the pain points of existing products.

 人文设计 | 人文至善,设计致美

Xuanang Design has always adhered to the concept of 'humanistic care' in the updating of its products. Its design for the elderly can be used for lifting hangers, sitting showers and simple elevators. In addition to the good market performance, consumers also appreciate Arrived at a different kind of intimate. President Lu shared the following three cases:

Lifting hangers for the elderly, it is difficult for the elderly to hang up clothes, floor-mounted hangers occupy the floor. The clothes hanger allows the elderly to take care of their families with their residual heat, and easily complete the process of drying clothes.

Another product specially designed for the elderly or people with reduced mobility is a seated shower. The function of the seated shower is to make the hot water stroke atomize the steam energy through the pipe pressure and increase the whole body temperature in a short time , The elderly can easily sit in the seat and shower, without worrying about the risk of slipping during a standing shower.

The third paragraph is a simple elevator, specially developed for the elderly living in an old community without an elevator. There are still many elderly people living in residences without elevators. The upper and lower floors all rely on stairs. It is very difficult for elderly people with inconvenient legs to climb several floors a day. Especially when carrying heavy objects, it is easy to cause accidents. The installation of simple elevators is cheaper than traditional elevators. Colleagues can solve the problem of elderly people going up and down stairs.

The washing machine is one of the representative works of Suzhou Xuanang Industrial Design in the field of household appliance cleaning design, and has won various awards and honors. The elderly can easily clean all corners of the home with cleaning agents, and solve various cleaning problems by replacing different brush heads.


人文设计 | 人文至善,设计致美

The Rococo Design Group representatives shared that the root cause of the lack of innovation is because the design plan is included in 'cost' rather than 'investment'. Especially companies with large SKUs are under pressure. The value of innovation can be obtained by building an 'enterprise online design center' to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of product innovation. After continuous virtuous cycles, we gradually get rid of the problems of insufficient product innovation and unsustainability.

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