Industrial Aesthetics | The Road to Intelligent Innovation X The ultimate pursuit of detail

Today ushered in the opening of the 121st Canton Fair, with thousands of merchants gathered in the exhibition hall. The PDC exhibition area continues to be exciting and the activities are splendid. Among them, at the Design Innovation Forum of the PDC Design Gallery venue, representatives from the International Intelligent Innovation Association took the theme as 'China Smart Manufacturing Global Marketing Summit-Intelligent Innovation Road' and General Manager Lu Zhixuan of Suzhou Xuanang Industrial Design Co., Ltd. Separately shared for 'Unlimited · Your Unlimited'. The event focused on drones, intelligent robots, intelligent technology and ultimate design, and the guests interacted with the audience.

The sharing session on the theme of 'China Smart Manufacturing Global Marketing Summit-The Road to Intelligent Innovation' brought together elites from all walks of life, struck at the development of the intelligent manufacturing industry, and jointly discussed the innovation model and future development direction of the intelligent industry. PDC and the International Intelligent Innovation Association jointly invited top intelligent innovation companies and experts to gather to conduct industry discussions on the 'smart innovation road'.

DJI Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. as a pioneer in the drone industry, the company representative Mr. Liao Kewen on the theme of 'DJI Enterprise Solutions' demonstrated to the audience the detailed design and cool features of DJI UAV products, and expressed the future Will bring more creativity and greater surprise to the market!

 工业美学 | 智能创新之路 X 对细节的极致追求



工业美学 | 智能创新之路 X 对细节的极致追求

The leader of robot--Mr. Chen Jianhong of Qihan Technology Co., Ltd. gave a speech on the theme of 'Sanbot-as-a-Service'. Mr. Chen Jianhong showed through live video demonstration that Sambo Robot has been deeply served in people's lives, allowing everyone to experience the future robot + era in advance.

 工业美学 | 智能创新之路 X 对细节的极致追求


工业美学 | 智能创新之路 X 对细节的极致追求




 工业美学 | 智能创新之路 X 对细节的极致追求

At the sharing meeting on the theme of 'Wireless · Your Infinity', Suzhou Xuan Ang Lu emphasized the importance of design details in industrial aesthetics and released the 2017 new MATELO handheld push rod 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner. In fact, before going public, MATELO has won the China Good Design Award. In addition to the beautiful appearance of MATELO, the pursuit of functional details can be described as the ultimate.

 工业美学 | 智能创新之路 X 对细节的极致追求

工业美学 | 智能创新之路 X 对细节的极致追求


1. Removable battery design, wireless trip, easy to move forward and backward. The lightweight, high-capacity battery ensures a continuous working time of 20 minutes in the highest gear and 40 minutes in the low gear.

2. Focus on the use of somatosensory. The motor with independent patent design is placed at an angle, and the battery board is placed in the back row. The combination of the two makes the center of gravity of the product more coordinated. The handle designed in accordance with the angle of the hand reduces the pressure on the wrist and makes the process easier.

3. Unique air duct design reduces power loss, enhances dust removal efficiency, and reduces machine volume.

4. The unique self-propelled floor brush, which rotates 180 °, can be completely laid on the ground, and the bottom of the sofa can be cleaned effortlessly.

5. The floor brush is equipped with LED lights, which can clean various material surfaces, such as various small dead corners in the car. The handheld vacuum mode can be easily refreshed!

6. Safe and convenient. The bottom is intimately designed with anti-slip coating, which can be placed anywhere and can protect the fuselage. Diagonal stripes increase friction, combined with the Z-shaped grip design that conforms to the man-machine, to ensure the safety and comfort of use.

7. One-click operation, easy to replace the attachment by pop-up, adapt to different needs.

From the detailed introduction of the MATELO vacuum cleaner, we can see the strength of Suzhou Xuanang's home appliance design. This session of the Canton Fair PDC design display area invites you to taste the industrial aesthetics and details of Suzhou Xuanang.

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