Design innovation · Exquisite life

Nowadays, the speed and number of innovations in industry products and technologies have reached a dazzling level, and people's lifestyles and consumption concepts have also quietly changed. Design originates from life and changes life. In this era of rapid development, design needs innovation and life needs surprises.

On the afternoon of April 23, at the PDC Design Gallery venue of the Canton Fair, Du Jun, President of Jiangsu Dingyi International, Yang Wenjun, Director of Product Strategy of Rococo South China, and Wang Yiming, General Manager of Ningbo Jiangdong Jucheng Creative Product Design Co., Ltd. were invited to participate in the design Innovative Life Enjoyment Forum, to discuss how to improve the quality of life and innovative lifestyle through design.

Ding Yi International President Du shared with the audience the series of cultural and creative product brands-'Zi Zhuan' which he jointly developed with Jinling Carvings and Printing Inheritance, with the lively inheritance of Jinling Carvings and Printing Technology as the core. The brand inherits the thousand-year engraving of the masterpiece, ingenuity developed and designed a series of cultural, practical and creative cultural and creative products, through innovative design and commercial brand development to promote the world heritage into modern life.

Jucheng Creative Wang always believes that any moving home design is a designer's pursuit of quality of life and details. The Jucheng team has been committed to subdividing the household needs of Chinese people, creating excellent home products suitable for Chinese consumption and use, and improving the quality of life of Chinese people. At this Canton Fair, COJOHO, a co-creation brand of Jucheng, also brought a variety of creative new products.

Director Rococo Yang shared the development trend of smart home innovative experience-home service robot.

Note: The above views only represent the speakers themselves, not the stand.