Exhibition Express | Information on the second PDC design exhibition area of the 121st Canton Fair

The residual heat of the first phase of the 121st Canton Fair has not completely disappeared, but the editor has already turned around and can't sleep at night. The second phase (April 23-27) will open tomorrow. A total of 35 Chinese and foreign design companies from China, the United States, the Netherlands, and France will enter the PDC design area of the Canton Fair. The space is limited, so I can only choose one or two to share with you.

Original design continues to work hard to light up new hot spots in home life

Foshan Shunde Hongyi Industrial Design Co., Ltd. has nearly 30 professional designers with rich experience. It has always been committed to creating the most life-like electronic household products, providing product strategy research and product creative design for many outstanding enterprises and well-known brands at home and abroad , Innovative technology research and development and other one-stop comprehensive innovation services. Hongyi's new product Meng Mushroom Mosquito-absorbing Lamp has already sprouted everyone in the first phase, looking forward to their ingenuity in the second phase to continue to create higher business value for the enterprise.

South Korea's CEBIEN has developed creative design bathroom products for more than 20 years. In the design of many household items, CEBIEN insists on focusing on injecting innovative energy into the bathroom, studying the user's lifestyle, and constantly developing new products to improve people's quality of life.

Creative concept leads personalized home consumption

The new friend Xiaoman Culture Group in the PDC design exhibition area enters people's attention with the concept of cultural creativity. This emotional cultural and creative enterprise focuses on IP + concepts, and explores and invests in cultural and creative brands, cultural and creative product design, and cultural industry. Value shaping is a core business, with branches in multiple cities, creating a cultural line from north to south.

Accurate prediction of popular trends to promote the company's pace

Hong Kong COLLECTIONSTOCK is a fast-growing online graphic design platform on which you can purchase, collect and purchase commercial graphic designs with full copyright rights. It conducts in-depth analysis and forecast of home trends through various professional channels to provide manufacturers with highly competitive finished products in the market.

Deco Creative is a well-known online information service provider in the professional household goods and accessories industry in China. Different from other design companies, Deco has positioned its core competitiveness in grasping international market information, and has provided first-class design, market development consulting, international market and exhibition inspections for more than 1,000 domestic and foreign home furnishing companies. service.

The following is a list of the second phase of PDC exhibiting design companies / organizations. More exciting, welcome to visit the PDC design exhibition area.

List of PDC Design Display Companies of the Second Phase of the 121st Canton Fair

Pearl River Promenade, Area A, Canton Fair Complex

2AP11-12 Shunmei Group

2AP13 Guangdong Shunde Rice Shell Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

2AP14-15 Jiangmen Creative Design Center

2AP21-22 Hongyi Industrial Design Co., Ltd., Shunde District, Foshan City

2AP23-24 Xiaoman Cultural Group

2AP25 Guangzhou Weibo Product Design Co., Ltd.

2AP26 Guangdong Tianyi Culture Co., Ltd.


2AP29 Korea ideax design

2AP30 Korea CEBIEN


2AP32 South Korea Kaywon Creative commerce

2AP33 Hangzhou Guanqun Design Co., Ltd.

2AP34-35 Star Coffee Special Purchase (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd.

2AP36-37 basic life

2AP38 Netherlands Design2Gather

2AP39 Ningbo Jiangdong Jucheng Creative Product Design Co., Ltd.

2AP40 Hong Kong Altplus Design

2AP41 Singapore AXCEL Consultancy

2AP42-43 Zhejiang Xianhe Information Technology Co., Ltd.

2AP44 Rococo Design Group

2AP45 Holland Orange Creative Brand Management Co., Ltd.

2AP46 Korea ONE CHILD Inc.

2AP47 Korea 250 Design

2AP48 Jiangsu Dingyi International Cultural Creative Industry Co., Ltd.

2AP49-50 Bole Design



2AP53 Korean sampartners

2AP54 Korea INP CO., Ltd.

2AP409-410 French Miro Design Company


Pearl River Promenade, Area B, Canton Fair Complex

2BP91-93 D2P Etron

2BP101-102 French DESSIN & CIE design company

2BP103 American Ripe Concepts

2BP104 Greek Mi Luoku design

2BP105 French Azure Studio

2BP106 Mimi Creation Co., Ltd.

2BP107 Unicorn Business Consulting Co., Ltd.

2BP108-109 British CREADYS Design Co., Ltd.

2BP110 Swedish K-FAB Lighting Company

2BP111-112 Foshan Hongli Furniture Design Co., Ltd.

2BP113 Guangdong Shunde Yanyifang Creative Technology Development Co., Ltd.

2BP114-115 Guangzhou Deke Information Technology Co., Ltd.

2BP116 Miran Industrial Design

2BP117 Jiaxing Ruili Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

The north gate of Hall 15.2, Area C, Canton Fair Complex

2CP151 Guangzhou Hedian Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

2CP152 Fujian Paper Carpenter Cultural Technology Co., Ltd.

2CP153 Sihui Yixing Jewelry Co., Ltd. Design Branch

2CP154 Hando Design

2CP155-156 Jiangmen New City

2CP157-158 Guangdong Shunde Demi Creative Design Co., Ltd.