Enthusiasm | PDC Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Fujian

July 23-26, at the highest temperature in summer, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Fujian (41-42 degrees), PDC and his party came to the design and industrial base of the three places to prepare for the 122nd Canton Fair in October.

When referring to Su embroidery, Zhenhu must be mentioned as 'China's Su embroidery town'-Zhenhu. At present, Zhenhu has become a hot spot for film and television shooting. In many movies and TV shows, there are figures of Zhenhu embroidery ladies; various publicity channels It also makes the Su embroidery culture more widely known and loved by people. Today, traditional handicrafts have gradually entered the international market. You can remember the scene of the original fashion show at the 121st Canton Fair. Su Xiu, a traditional handmade art from southern Jiangsu, debuted on the Canton Fair T stage. Hand-embroidered cheongsams, dresses, suits and other exquisite costumes made wonderful appearances.

In order to further understand Su embroidery and its market dynamics, and actively promote the innovative development of traditional industries, PDC and his party came to Zhenhu for the first time. Under the leadership of the relevant staff of Suzhou Embroidery Industry Innovation Research Institute and Subdistrict Office, they visited the Embroidery Art Museum and Visited many embroidery studios and embroidery masters. Among them, Ms. Lu Yanxu, the design director of the 121st Canton Fair PDC fashion show catwalk brand-Embroidery Embroidery Art Co., Ltd., shared with us that she is very satisfied with the catwalk effect, and the company's brand awareness and influence have been greatly improved. Sufficient pre-preparation and rich display forms will show the beauty of Su embroidery in the next PDC fashion show more vividly. At the same time, she said that she hopes to connect with PDC's excellent foreign design resources and realize the perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and fashion elements.

The second stop of the PDC promotion team came to Hangzhou, which was like a fire oven, and held exchange meetings with representatives of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, the Jiaxing Commerce Bureau, and Pinghu Luggage City. Several characteristic industries of Jiaxing City participated in the third phase of the Canton Fair, among which fur, leather, sweaters, luggage and so on are all local pillar industries. At the exchange meeting, the PDC promotion team and relevant personnel of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce conducted detailed communication on the matchmaking meeting of the 122nd Canton Fair Zhejiang Manufacturing. Zhuang Jin, deputy director of the Foreign Trade Promotion Department of the Department of Commerce, recognized the advantages of PDC and Canton Fair He expressed his willingness to mobilize local government organizations to actively participate in PDC fashion shows and other series of activities, actively innovate, and enhance the brand influence and trade transactions of industrial bases.

In the 'Dream Town' of Liangzhu, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the PDC Promotion Team held a symposium with representatives from Zhejiang Industrial Design Association, Hangzhou Concave Design and Hangzhou Hechuang Gongxiang Industrial Design Management Co., Ltd. It is planned that during the 122nd Canton Fair The 'Liangzhu Design' brand made a collective appearance and promoted the business card of 'Design Town' through a series of activities such as design exhibitions, new product launches and design nights, and promoted the landing of more design industries.

At the last stop of the trip, the PDC promotion team came to Fujian to visit the Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce, Putian City Commerce Bureau, Oil Painting Association and other units, and conducted in-depth discussions on brand promotion and trade promotion in the fashion industry and oil painting industry in Fujian. communicate with.

Connection design | Promote industry | Promote value, PDC industry has been going on. We will continue to go deep into the industrial base to understand the actual needs of the enterprise, and match and link the resources of all parties to help the enterprise achieve efficient and accurate docking.