Wonderful review of the first phase of the 122nd Canton Fair PDC

The first phase of the 122nd Canton Fair closed today, and the PDC design exhibition and forum series of activities shined with the support of exhibitors. This design exhibition attracts 56 design companies / organizations from all over the world. Design services cover many fields such as smart equipment, household appliances, electronic products, hardware tools and large vehicles, including design, visual communication, design consulting, and branding. Strategic and environmental design, etc., rich and high-quality design resources have provided many forms of docking cooperation for exhibitors and domestic and foreign buyers.

According to statistics, in the design booth, 56 design companies received a total of 8685 customers to discuss cooperation, of which 3320 customers can be converted into intent orders, a conversion rate of 38%. Design companies have expressed their satisfaction with the results of the exhibition. During the investigation, the design company said that the design consciousness and design needs of the participating companies in this issue have increased, and many design companies have received design orders on the spot. Customer groups include domestic provinces such as Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, as well as companies from Europe, Southeast Asia and North America. In addition, the service form of the PDC exhibition design company gradually extended to both ends of the industry chain, providing a series of services including design services, design docking and supply chain management, which means that its service awareness is continuously improved, and the level of internationalization and specialization is further improved.

In this issue of PDC, a total of 11 exciting design forum series activities were held. The forum topics covered new product release, case sharing, original design and business integration. At the same time, a number of matchmaking meetings for supply and purchase were held to give full play to the role of the PDC design docking platform and closely combine 'World Design' and 'Made in China'.

On the afternoon of October 16, hosted by the China Foreign Trade Center and the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, PDC undertook the 'Zhejiang Export Leading Enterprise-Canton Fair VIP Buyer Special Matching Meeting' successfully held at the PDC Design Gallery venue. More than 70 international buyers from 21 countries and representatives of purchasing groups such as Wal-Mart Global Procurement Center, Indonesia Changyou Group, U.S. Central Procurement Group, Ou Ning, Intellectual Asian Cultural Research Center, Peru-China Chamber of Commerce in Peru, etc. Leading export enterprises in Zhejiang Province conducted docking and exchanges. Through this event, PDC has built an efficient docking platform for 20 leading companies in Zhejiang and VIP buyers of the Canton Fair.

On the evening of October 18th, the Design Night event sponsored by the China Foreign Trade Center, jointly organized by the Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Center (PDC) and China Minmetals Chemicals Import and Export Chamber of Commerce was successfully held at the Westin Canton Fair. This event attracted more than 200 people including VIP exhibitors from the Canton Fair, international buyers from the Canton Fair, representatives from member companies of the China Minmetals Chamber of Commerce, representatives from international designers and specially invited media. On the night of the event, Ye Jisheng, deputy director of China Foreign Trade Center, Qian Jingfen, vice president of China Minmetals Chemicals Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, and Yin Furong, business consul of the Philippines in Guangzhou, delivered speeches respectively and expressed high affirmation of the form of the event.

After reading so many wonderful design displays and activities, are you excited? For more exciting content, please look forward to the second phase of the 122nd Canton Fair (October 23-27) PDC series of activities.