Sharing design creativity · Promoting industrial development

The first phase of the 122nd Canton Fair is coming to an end, and the second phase has come to us at a brisk pace. On October 23, please start to lock PDC again! Through the introduction of new design concepts, PDC focuses on cultivating corporate innovation and development genes, adheres to the promotion of industrial development and upgrading, and jointly builds great business opportunities for cooperation.

Focus on design display and enrich design services

The second phase of the PDC design exhibition attracted 52 excellent design companies / organizations from 12 countries / regions including Sweden, Denmark, France, etc. They will collectively appear on the Pearl River Promenade in the exhibition hall with a design booth and cutting-edge new works. , Only to provide comprehensive design and innovation services for exhibitors, help enterprises deploy high-end chains, and quickly improve their overall competitiveness.

Scandinavian design team unveiled PDC series of activities

The world-famous IKEA furniture, luxury car brand Volvo and former mobile phone overlord Nokia all come from Scandinavia in Northern Europe. Scandinavian style is famous for its simplicity in the world, and it influenced later styles such as “minimalism” and “postmodernism”. In the turbulent industrial design wave of the 20th century, the simple and practical style of Nordic design was pushed to the extreme. In this series of PDC design activities, Scandinavian design star groups from Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Finland and Denmark will debut for the first time, and will be in the PDC Design Gallery in Zone A of the Canton Fair Complex and the Westin Canton Fair The hotel shares with you a simple, humanistic design concept, and how to perfectly integrate traditional and stylish innovative design elements into modern industrial products.

Quality manufacturing and cluster charm

The second phase of the Canton Fair PDC and Ningbo Trading Group, Shenzhen Trading Group and Pingyang County Bureau of Commerce joined hands to fully explain the charm of 'quality manufacturing' to buyers through multi-brand displays, supply and purchase matching meetings and joint design night events. PDC cooperates with various trading groups and industrial bases to provide international buyers with an efficient and efficient procurement platform to achieve rapid docking between trade parties.

For more exciting, please pay attention to the second series of PDC thematic activities of the 122nd Canton Fair.