Tianwu Technology | New Concept Smart Products

This morning, Cen Xin, the marketing director of Guangdong Tianwu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianwu Technology), presented its newly developed smart product series to the exhibitors. Through the case and video sharing, it fully demonstrated Tianwu Technology's intelligent thin and light heating materials, technology and product applications.


Tianwu Technology's heating technology has been applied to several major fields such as household appliances, wear and health care. It has successfully applied for nearly 190 international patents and assisted many large brands to complete product upgrades. Two market development managers from 7Camicie, an Italian men's shirt brand, expressed great interest in the heating technology of Tianwu Technology. Both parties conducted in-depth exchanges on the application, performance and cooperation channels of the technology. President Cen invited two Italian buyers to the company's booth for further negotiations and looked forward to the good news of the successful cooperation between the two parties.

In the end, President Cen said that I am very grateful to the PDC platform for accurately displaying the technology and achievements on the international stage, efficiently connecting potential partners, and further exploring the international market.

Guangdong Tianwu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a world-leading expert in intelligent heating, focusing on the research and application of new technologies and materials for intelligent heating. The company has successfully developed nano-composite metal materials and possesses the world's original FLEXWARM technology. It is a master of intelligent heating technology, intelligent sensing technology, intelligent temperature control technology, wireless power supply technology, and flexible battery technology. FLEXWARM is widely used in smart temperature-controlled clothing, outdoor leisure, medical care, smart home textiles, smart home appliances, smart mothers and infants and other fields.