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矩成设计 | 家品设计的小清新

Ningbo Jucheng Design has completed a gorgeous turn in recent years, from designing industrial products (such as water pumps) to designing household products. It is difficult to imagine the metal-filled Chengcheng when making industrial products. . The mini eggbeater released at the last Canton Fair attracted the attention of many buyers for its super cute shape and fresh color system.

矩成设计 | 家品设计的小清新

矩成设计 | 家品设计的小清新

Identify the QR code and watch the new style of egg-beating

In this Canton Fair, Jucheng Design brings small kitchen products

This time the design language is 'Udon'

矩成设计 | 家品设计的小清新

Can it really be eaten?

No, but it can help you eat comfortably

When you want to eat an apple

You can use these two super invincible and cute peelers to peel

矩成设计 | 家品设计的小清新  

When you want to drink beer

You can use this minimally designed bottle opener to open the cap

矩成设计 | 家品设计的小清新


You said not to drink, let's have some freshly squeezed orange juice

You can use this manual juicer to extract it yourself, which is environmentally friendly and healthy

矩成设计 | 家品设计的小清新  






What if it's dinner?

Can also

Stir fry a hot dish and make a soup

Can be placed on these invincible silicone udon insulation pads

矩成设计 | 家品设计的小清新

矩成设计 | 家品设计的小清新

It seems that there are still some small refreshments not introduced?


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It is a perfect idea to prepare useful small creative designs for the kitchen

COJOHO create, produce, useful household goods

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