"Scandinavian Design + Made in China" Matchmaking and Scandinavian Design Forum Successfully Held

The Scandinavian style combines modernist design ideas with traditional design culture, not only paying attention to the practical function of the product, but also emphasizing the human factors in the design, avoiding too rigid and harsh geometric forms, thus creating a rich The modern aesthetics of 'human touch' are generally welcomed by people. In this Canton Fair, the 'Scandinavian Design' team made its debut. The simple and humane design provided a wonderful inspiration for exhibitors.

On the afternoon of October 24, the 'Scandinavian Design + Made in China' Matchmaking Conference and Scandinavian Design Forum hosted by the China Foreign Trade Center and undertaken by the Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Center (PDC) The PDC Design Gallery venue was successfully held. Sofia He, the director of the Nordic Sustainable Design Association from Sweden and Allan Scharff, the Danish designer brand, and Suyu, the head of Greater China in Slaatto, shared relevant Scandinavian design cases, fully demonstrating their design strength, and were present Exhibitors interacted and communicated. Through research, most of the exhibitors on the scene were operating furniture and tableware and kitchen supplies. They listened to the wonderful speeches of the two designers with great concentration and consulted PDC staff on how to interface with the designers. Many participating companies threw olive branches to the designers and filled out the corporate design requirements form.

Mr. Dong Wang from Hebei Shunkang Metal Products Co., Ltd. has a special liking for Nordic design. Before the matchmaking meeting is over, he ca n’t wait to request in-depth communication with the speakers, hoping to develop products through cooperation. Under the guidance of PDC staff, Mr. Wang has successfully initiated the initial connection with the design consultant. I wish the two sides to reach an early cooperation and look forward to Scandinavian design and more Chinese manufacturing companies to create new products together.

Design and industry are eternal topics. In the context of rapid changes in the current era and rapid technological information, how to contribute to the sustainable development of social health is actually everyone's task. PDC practice is only one of them. PDC will join hands with Scandinavian design to connect exhibitors with a pragmatic attitude and professional spirit.