Hong Kong collectionstock | Flying Dance Room, Flower Language Shaohua

October is a busy season in the design circle, and next year's popular elements are well-known, and major home furnishing brands and first-line fashion advertisements have already performed. The most important thing in the design circle is the unique themes such as linearism, flower language, mysterious fantasy and so on in the 2018 autumn and winter design trends. Designers have set their sights on these smart elements, preparing for the coming winter.

Hong Kong collectionstock company is an online design platform that focuses on floral design. Since the last Canton Fair emerged in the PDC design exhibition area, it has been brilliant. They are most proud of the high efficiency and high quality of more than a hundred floral design updates every month, which are widely favored by exhibitors and buyers.

On the 24th PDC Design Forum site, the company founder Kenneth brought a dry goods sharing about '2018 autumn and winter design trends' to the exhibitors and exhibitors. As a professional design company, collectionstock closely follows the 2018 autumn and winter design trends, refining the theme of giving play to its own design advantages. After 6 months of accumulation, it once again brings a large wave of inspiration to everyone. Taking the company's latest floral design as an example, Kenneth combined one of the popular themes of autumn and winter 2018, 'Hua Yu Shao Hua' as a derivative point, incorporating familiar and affinity elements into the design, creating bright and soft colors and vivid elements Interesting floral pattern.

The participating merchants listened carefully and took photos to record. After the forum, some buyer representatives and collectionstock companies further discussed the cooperation in the procurement of floral noodles. At the same time, they appreciated and hoped that PDC would organize more resource sharing activities.