CREADYS DESIGN | A tribute to life

British CREADYS design company (hereinafter referred to as CREADYS) adhering to the 'let design come to life' attitude, providing customers with high-end comprehensive design solutions for product planning, creative design, research and development, quality control, brand marketing, intellectual property operation and other integrated planning . The company's design, development and processing services cover: luggage products, kitchen supplies, daily consumer products, household products, and many other fields.

On the morning of the 25th, CREADYS held a new product launch conference at the PDC Design Gallery venue. Ms. Chen Yongxiang, the design director of CREADYS, and American designer GARY MOORE shared the use of mind to create life aesthetics, creative achievements in life aesthetics, open the horizon, start the brand and design Four themes of life. The creative homeware design brought by the speakers delivered a variety of life styles in terms of concept, color and material. The details such as color, texture and modeling were simplified, creating a minimalist, elegant and beautiful creative homeware. . The new product 'Water Cube Portable Water Cup' has attracted exhibitors with three advantages: watertightness, health, environmental protection and Q Meng super praise. They all praised the CREADYS design concept.

Every designer of CREADYS knows that the real good design comes from life, which is higher than life, and finally returns to life. I hope that this year's CREADYS will have a fruitful harvest and hope that it will have more cooperation cases with exhibitors.