Dingyi International︱Integrated design services of the entire industry chain to create an influential city cultural tourism IP

Du Jun

Founder, Chairman and CDO of Dingyi International

Researcher-level senior craft artist

A-level qualification of international commercial art designer

The first batch of Jiangsu cultural industry technology entrepreneurs

100 Outstanding Young Design Talents in China

Top Ten Promoters of Industrial Design in Jiangsu Province

Director of China Industrial Design Association

Vice President of Jiangsu Industrial Design Association

Vice Chairman of Jiangsu Industrial Design Society

Vice President of Shanghai Industrial Design Association


Dingyi International, China's top ten design companies for industrial design, a well-known professional agency for cultural creativity and industrial design in China. Focus on the integrated design and innovation services of the entire industry chain in the field of cultural and creative life, tourism goods, fashion and home furnishing.

On the afternoon of October 25th, Du Jun, Chairman of CDY International and CDO gave a keynote speech on 'Integrating Design Services for the Whole Industry Chain / Creating an Influential City Cultural Tourism IP' at the PDC Design Gallery, describing how to develop systematically And shaping the IP of urban cultural tourism, so that IP can play an important guiding role in the development of regional / urban cultural tourism industry.

Dingyi International was established in 1997 and this year coincides with the 20th anniversary of Dingyi International. Before the official speech, Mr. Du shared the achievements of Dingyi International's two decades of innovation and the latest partner team and creative team.

Mr. Du introduced that IP comes from the English 'Intellectual Property', which means 'knowledge (property) ownership' and 'intellectual achievement right'. From the animation IP to the pan-entertainment industry, the domestic IP era has come and is being further vigorously Moving cultural tourism industry market.

Academia and industry have different views on how to define IP. On the whole, IP can understand the development of the Internet + era content theme, the detonation of the fan community and the industrialization of terminal operations. In his speech, Mr. Du shared the Disney industrialization model, the model of regional IP marketing-Kumamoto Bear, MM Bean-the super IP of the chocolate world, and the experience of inspecting the US cultural tourism IP market. It puts forward the core elements and steps of how to build high-quality urban cultural tourism IP.

The core of the city IP is the transformation of the city's historical culture and stories into content power, the personalization of the city's image and the interactive sense of participation of tourism products, and the integration, refining and systematic packaging of global tourism elements. Mr. Du summarized this process as a tourism brand + cultural IP strategy, that is, to reshape and revitalize urban cultural elements with IP, through cultural positioning, IP creative presentation, content creation and expression, fan community creation, commercial derivative layout and other series Process, shaping urban cultural tourism elements and resources into an IP symbol with personality charm and flow characteristics, and using this to link brands, products and sales, forming an important value to promote the development of regional cultural tourism industry.

In the speech, Mr. Du cited the specific case of IP development of Dingyi International City Cultural Tourism-the IP design of the Westward Journey theme cultural tourism in Huai'an, the birthplace of the nation's first IP Westward Journey, and the 'city tour ceremony' city theme cultural tourism commodity IP system .

Huaian is located in the north-central part of Jiangsu Province, located in the Yangtze River Delta, and is an important central city in northern Jiangsu. Huaian is the hometown of Wu Chengen, the author of Journey to the West, one of China's four famous books. Starting from the relationship between Westward Journey-Wu Chengen-Huai'an, Dingyi International regards the concepts of 'Western Journey Cradle' and 'Childhood Westward Journey' as the core of Huai'an Westward Journey's cultural IP content development. Different from the overwhelming westward travel market, the tourist IP is different, and based on this, a series and diversified derivative development has been conducted.

The famous cultural city, the hometown of great men, the canal capital, and the hometown of food are the four business cards of the Huai'an tourism industry. Around the above-mentioned Huai'an city-specific cultural and tourism resources, Dingyi International will continue to develop themes, series and differences to gradually enrich Huai'an City Cultural Tourism IP content system, at the same time, the 'Youli Huai'an' offline chain experience store based on the overall operation of the Huai'an City Cultural Tourism IP will also be opened at the end of this month. The Westward Journey IP series products built for Huai'an will also debut at the store and will be sold to tourists.

Finally, Mr. Du introduced the O2O chain exhibition and marketing platform of cultural creativity & tourism products of 'City Tour Gift' operated by Dingyi International. 'City Tour Gift' is the first domestic 'online e-commerce + offline chain' Internet and real economy chain shopping brand, 'Jiangsu Province' Thirteenth Five-Year 'Tourism Development Plan', 'Nanjing City' Thirteen Five 'Tourism Development Plan', Nanjing City's key regional tourism development project platform will adhere to the development concept of 'market operation, brand leadership, chain operation' and is committed to innovative design platforms, production supply chain platforms, chain exhibition sales The construction of the three major platforms of the platform will create a distinctive city cultural tourism IP brand, products and business system, and realize the integrated development of cultural tourism commodity brands, products, terminals and operations.