Design Inter-Zou Industrial Design | Design Drives Rapid Market Value Upgrading of Brands

设际邹工业设计 | 设计驱动品牌市场价值快速提升

On the afternoon of April 16th, Shenzhen Sheji Zou Industrial Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shiji Zou) Zou Zhenmeng delivered a speech on 'Design Drives the Rapid Increase of Market Value of Brands' at the PDC Design Gallery of the Canton Fair. It is reported that Shiji Zou is the fastest-growing industrial design company in Shenzhen in 2017. President Zou's speech attracted many exhibitors to listen.

Zou Zhenmeng believes that although 'design' was divided by the original drawing of objects or machine drawings and became a discipline of modern human society, designers have also become a profession. After entering the 20th century, they can be subdivided into product design, graphic design, More than ten professional directions such as advertising design and packaging design, but until entering the new century, design has always been a passive and marginal 'executive' role in business operations.

President Zou explained how design can enhance market competitiveness through the design case made by Zou Zou.

Case number one:

Show Young, the leading brand in the industry within 2 years, with a total sales volume of 200,000 units (Show Young)

Case 2: The minimalist L-shaped eye protection lamp designed for the magic sound is a design that is based on the original design. Since the establishment of the magic sound, the favorite design of the boss of the magic sound has been estimated to be 500,000 units per year.

Case 3: The OPAI 360 VR panoramic camera that is in the limelight today and has a crowdfunding amount of 1 million within a day.

Sheji Zou used his strength to establish the brand image of 'Focus on Explosive Products'. Use international standards to provide design services to customers, use a product to open the market for customers, and enhance brand awareness.

At the end of the speech, Zou Zhenmeng pointed out: The term industrial design has gradually been paid attention and attention. In addition to Xiaomi, there are many industrial designers of enterprises that have been promoted. For example, Huawei, Hammer and some original brands all take industrial design as the focus of the company. There will be clips of industrial design in the promotional videos of your products. Especially after the advent of the crowdfunding era, many designers began to develop products based on design.

Foshan Shunde Hongyi Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

After many years of actual combat, Hongyi Design has its own style and philosophy in design, management, communication and talents. As the ancient text puts it: 'Take copper as a reference, you can dress up; take people as a reference, you can know the gains and losses; take history as a reference, Under the background of fast-paced times, Hongyi Design complies with the requirements of 'design companies to integrate with industry faster and grow faster', bravely stepping out of the comfort zone, drawing on the development models of different industries, while designing and innovating, Innovate in design management and company development ideas, improve the quality and efficiency of design services, help upgrade consumption, provide users with a better user experience, and let 'Chinese design' go global.