Hongyi Design | Design Company Management Micro Innovation

宏翼设计 | 设计公司管理微创新

On the morning of April 16, Ms. Xu Wenjing, the design manager of Hongyi Industrial Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hongyi Design) in Shunde District of Foshan City, shared with the audience the concept of 'micro-innovation in design company management' at the venue of the PDC Design Gallery in the Canton Fair Complex. Manager Xu launched a detailed discussion from three aspects: 'Creativity can not be restricted, the process can be standardized', 'Humanized management to shape the attractiveness of the enterprise', 'Profit model is further upgraded, a virtuous circle'.

With the great attention paid by the national policy to the value of industrial design, Hongyi Design conforms to the market needs, draws on the previous design management experience of other industries and design companies, bravely walks out of the comfort zone, and continuously optimizes design management and services. In this Canton Fair, Hongyi Design also exhibited a variety of new design cases, which attracted many buyers to stop for consulting design services.

The general manager of Hongyi Design also said at the meeting: 'Standardization of the design management process does not restrict the designer ’s creative thinking, but improves efficiency through standardization. Under the standardization requirements, the links that do not affect creativity will form habits because of standardization. Designers can focus more on the creation of solutions. ”Drawing on standardization in manufacturing for design management, the naming of a file, the archiving form of project files, etc., flexible and casual creativity also needs to be rigorous, not only to allow design companies to project Management is more standardized, while establishing a reliable and credible customer image.